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Creative incandescent light bulb images

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 22nd of April 2021


'Enlighted town-poet' by Ben Goossens


We can't imagine the world without electric light. It is to be seen in many forms, but it all started with that little pear like incandescent light bulb. It is an amazing invention. No more candle lights, oil lamps and gas light to illuminate homes, offices, factories and so on. It must have been such an exciting and perhaps scary moment when people turned the light switch on for the first time!

The light bulb is however more than a very useful utensil. It is a source for creative photographers.
See for yourself in this compilation of the best 1x light bulb photographers.


'Dreams and Ideas' by Nur Ernehir



'Flower Bulb' by Bess Hamiti



'still shining' by octyee



'Galeria' by Martin Cekada



'dim' by Ute Scherhag



'Less consume...better future' by Ruben Perez



'Save...' by Stefan Eisele



'Light(ning) bulb' by Lex Augusteijn



'Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison' by Jesús M. Garcia



'green energy' by Marcus Hennen



'Burn brighter' by Timothy Tichy



'Conceptual creation' by Giorgio Toniolo



'Laser shot' by hardibudi



'The ideas factory' by Jose María Frutos Vargas



'Illumination' by Baden Bowen



'Moon Lamp' by sulaiman almawash



'Meditation.  The inner light' by Victoria Ivanova



'Stop global warming' by Lex Augusteijn



'The reader' by David Senechal Photographie



'betta fish red' by girdan nasution



'grass in the blue' by Lech Radecki


25 / 5000 Amazing and creative shots. Great work Yvette!!!!
Very nice and inspiring selection!
Thanks a lot for your comment, Ralf !
Sounds cool! One my picture in this beautiful gallery! Many thanks dear Yvette!!
Congratulations, Giorgio ;-)
A wonderful collection. Thank you very much, dear Yvette, that my photo is part of it.
Beautiful image, relaxing and Zen, Ute !!! I really love it ... Cheers, Yvette