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The Humble Umbrella

by Lourens Durand 
Published the 9th of April 2021

'Shelter From The Storm' by Christophe Kiciak

As photographers, we are familiar with the umbrella as a lighting modifier in the studio. Although its application in photography is relatively new, the umbrella itself has actually been around for centuries.

The umbrella and its forerunner, the parasol, were first used by ancient Egyptians and Chinese as protection against the sun, and became status and religious symbols, used by royalty and religious leaders in many ancient cultures. Starting out as simple palm leaves or silk coverings, they evolved into elaborate and elaborate decorative items, painted with scenes of flowers and birds.

Nowadays umbrellas are used as shelter against rain and sleet, as well as for protection against the sun’s rays, as fashion accessories, or even as weapons to fend off unwanted attention from strangers.

The English call them Brollies, whilst Americans sometimes use the peculiar word “Bumbershoot” (a combination of umbrella and parachute) when making fun of the English.

The umbrella also features in the English language as a term of unity, of grouping things, or as a symbol of protection, as in an umbrella body, which is a central coordinating organisation that represents the activities of several smaller, independent organisations or individuals, all of which have a similar purpose.

(Something like….)

Whatever its uses or meanings, the umbrella is often a colourful element of photographs, as illustrated in the selection from photographers that follows.


'by Peter Kemp



by kendisan seruyan



by Fira Mikael



by Yasemin Bakan



by Peter Kemp



by Peter Kemp



'Umbrella Geisha' by Burhan



'Umbrella syndrome' by hardibudi



'pioggia' by Luca Domenichi



by Thomas Vanoost



' umbrella' by Damijan Sedevcic



'Getting Wet 2384' by Karen Celella



by Louis-Philippe Provost



by Terry F



by Arman Kuzel



'umbrella of justice' by Ayatullah R. Hiba



by Terry F



by Dmitry Skvortsov



by Melih Karakaya



by Harry Lieber



'Umbrella Corporation' by Roberto Olivadoti



'umbrellas twisted imagination' by tysjusz



'Canopy Fishing' by Aijing H.

Great choices. Fine aesthetic images in terms of color and theme
Great work - all of them :)
Splendid compositions....
Fascinating selection ! Congratulations
Great images ! .
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Honored to be part of this wonderful article. Thank you!
Wonderful selection.
Thanks a lot for including one of my picture among this selection, it is a great honour.
An incredible variety and quality!
Honored to be part of this wonderful article. Thank you!
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Great articles and photos. Congratulations...