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Senior Critics' review on an untitled beauty by Xiaobing Tian

Published by Yvette Depaepe  in collaboration with Mike Kreiten, Head of the Senior Critics.
Published the 11th of March 2021

1x has a unique feature the founders are very proud of: the photo critique.
Members can submit pictures to a team of knowledgeable senior critics. Their feedback and different suggestions are useful, interesting and enriching even for the best of us.


Critique on an untitled beauty by Xiaobing Tian.
Dear members of the photo critique,

1. I hope to convey a specific emotion or mode, for example , peaceful morning and life.

2. I replaced the boring sky with a more drama one, so that the thick fog connected to the clouds. I also put a few birds in order to add movement of the photo. The photo of clouds and birds were taken by me, not downloaded from internet.

3. What parts of the image I can improve, such as light, composition and subject matter?

Thank you very much,
Best regards,


Untitled' by Xiaobing Tian


Senior Critic Daniel Springgay
Hi Xiaobing

Thank you for taking the time to post this fine image. I see no title. What about " From the Land of Mystery " or " Peaceful Morning " or " Morning Mood " Just a few idea's.

Your image - I see a wonderful piece of photographic workmanship. Great to see your comment about the birds many many other photographers think it's open season on using other peoples photographic parts. Great image I love it - I love the moody feel and that cold chill I get from just looking. I see beautiful balance and great care in processing. Love your monochrome tones this all works for me.

Your image has power and impact to please the many. It's telling a wonderful story even without a title First Class. I can offer no advice on improvement maybe a small crop off the left side but that would be nit picking. Great image.

Thank you.I have enjoyed looking - Daniel Springgay - Senior critic


Member Giuseppe Satriani
When I saw your picture, I couldn't resist leaving you my opinion!
It is an image that conveys tranquility and harmony with Nature.
But it also conveys the beauty of being bored, simply waiting for time to pass and .... some fish to bite!

It was an excellent choice to make the lighter part of the sky coincide with the steam of the lake: they integrate perfectly.

Good luck with this image with the curators!



Critique is also open to all members, and we learn together here. If you see an image you'd like to comment on, your words would be welcome.



The photo is very beautiful, and i love it, but I saw there was pixel banding in the sky, I didn't know it was on purpose or because the photo was taken from a different resolution.
This is the first time for me to submit a photo for critique. It is a surprise to me that this image caught attention. Thank you very much, Yvette and other members. I have learnt a lot through reading many different ideas and suggestions for improving pictures in Photo Critique since I joined For me, Critique is an important part of, which contributes to serious and successful photographers. Successful authors know that constructive feedback from editors, or critique members is equal to perfecting the craft of photography and post-process.
Thank you so much for your positive comment and attitude, dear Xiaobing. Many crew members will appreciate it. Please read the article of today (12th of March) to find out why this beautiful image was rejected, my friend. Have a great weekend ahead!!!
Wonderful moody nature scenery by Xiaobing. It is a great idea to share the curator’s reviews. I admit that I fail to see the reasons for not publishing this photo considering the great reviews it received. I hope that you will make the reviews more educational by giving the professional reasons for not publishing a photo. Thanks again Yvette and Mike for this publication, it is an important opportunity to understand the requirements and work towards improving one’s photos. Kindest regards Arnon
Dear Arnon, the article published today, explains a lot for many rejections, I guess. This rule existing since a long time will be mentionned in the FAQ soon.
Love the image and wondering why this moody image was not published :) I saw a lots images 80-90% more popular than other photos but were rejected. Maybe is a good idea to put an article out to explain how this work. Thank you Daniel and Yvette for your hard work. ++
Dear Larry, please read the article of today (12th of March). It probably will explain why this image was rejected.
Great work, Yvette, for putting this article together. Meanwhile, since this photo was not published, it might not be a bad idea to get some inputs from curators (hopefully). There must be something lacking in curators' eyes.
Thanks, Rob ... Reviews on excellent images which didn't go through curation always are interesting ;-) Thanks for your appreciation, Rob !
If you read the article of today (12th of March), you will probably understand why this image was rejected, Rob.
Yvette! It´s always a plesure to know that my small contributions in Critique are considered valuable. In this case the Xiaobing'image expresses the mood that many of us would like to have in these troubled times...
It also is a pleasure to us (the whole crew) to see members involved in the critique forum. Well done !
Well done Yvette great Article, another Master Class in journalism - Thank you..
Thanks, Daniel ;-)