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Sublime images taken in Wind and Rain

by Editor Miro Susta 
Published the 24th of February 2021

Gray clouds, rain and wind do not offer excellent conditions for photography. However, it can be said that there is no bad weather for photography, only more likely the light is not the best.


'Rain in Paris' by Anette Ohlendorf

Rain offers a magnificent photographic motif. However, the colors often do not show up adequately in normal camera settings. The poor weather conditions can make them appear gloomy and dull.

'I do not get out!' by Stefan Eisele


But with the help of camera +Correction, the colors will become brighter and more vibrant again. The adjustment slightly overexposes the subject and lifts the color mood.


'The long goodbye 5' by Adrian Donoghue

The adjustments can be made in aperture or time mode as well as in fully automatic mode. If the colors still look dull, you can help them out with image processing.


'The rain in the city' by Nicodemo Quaglia


Trees bending in the wind, storm-lashed sea with whitecaps on the waves, maybe even a tornado - these are exciting situations that can be immortalized on the camera memory chip.


'Against the wind …..' by Piet Haaksma



'Attack on the lighthouse!' by Aleks Gjika



Kick-off Spring' by Franz Schumacher

But attention! Here especially keep an eye on the camera and on yourself. Flying grains of sand or dirt can damage your camera and falling branches or roof tiles can put you in danger.


'Awaiting' by Carmit Rozenzvig


There are many opportunities to take excellent photographs under the rain and wind conditions.


'The stormy sea' by Andrea zappia


Instead of writing more, I want to show you some of the most beautiful images out of the 1x photo gallery.


'Rainy day' by Rui Palha



'Bad Storm' by Angela Muliani Hartojo



'Rainy day in San Francisco' by Luba Chapman



n/t by Miki Meir Levi



'Journey to the Fierce Storm' by Sona Buchelova



'Sudden rain' by Kouji Tomihisa



'Rain' by vadim



'Survival' by Peter Stahl



'shower**' by roby bon



'Rush hour II' by Caras Ionut

In winter in the northern hemisphere and some parts of the southern hemisphere we do not often have a rain, but rather cold weather with blowing snowy winds.  A good opportunity to take some interesting photos.


'Race against the wind' by Peter Svoboda



'Blowing snow' by Saskia Dingemans



'Moving snow' by Miro Susta

The rain and the wind also provide opportunities for creative photography.


'Leaving at dawn' by Bjorn Emanuelson



'under the rain' by Mathieu capdeville



'it's raining cats and dogs' by Yvette Depaepe



'Very windy day at the coast' by Ben Goossens



'Rainy Moscow' by Sergej Rekhof


'Windy weather' by Greetje van Son


'wind' by Adrian Sommeling

At the end of the excursion through windy and rainy weather we can once again state, "there is no bad weather for photography".


n/t by saman khoshamuz

Bad weather motifs are in abundance, so always keep your eyes open and camera ready to capture all the best photos!
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Thanks for choosing my picture. Its nice to be a part of this series!!
Thank you so much Miro and Yvette for choosing my picture for this wonderful series. Best regards, Angela
You are most welcome dear Angela.
I am very surprised and happy that one of my rain pictures has been selected and here is a part of this wonderful series! thank you very much Miro ! Many thanks also to Yvette
You are most welcome dear Anette, we always appreciate your excellent photo work.
So many fantastic photo's about rain/storm/winds. I'm very pleased to discover that one of my creation is choosen for this beautifull series. Thanks a lot Miro!
Many thank for your nice words Greetje.
Thanks so much for choosing my picture and for this great serie, dear Miro and Yvette. Have a lovely day,Gr,Sas
You are most welcome Saskia.
fantastic serie of excellent moody, funny, conceptual, city and landscape photo's. Very inspiring indeed
Many thanks for nice words Elisabeth,
Great collection of wonderful images Miro - First Class all of them...
Many thanks for kind appreciation Daniel
A fine topic and article Miro! Bad weather is triggering if we can take advantage of it ... Superb choice of images. Congratulations to all the authors and thanks for sharing your work on 1x. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks dear Yvette.