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Kids Around the World

by Editor Despird Zhang
Published the 5th of February 2021

'Shadé' (South Africa) by Andre du Plessis ARPS


The idea of visualising this collection has been growing in my mind for a long while since I first saw this picture from slavinai almost a decade ago. Up until today it still triggers the most unspeakable burst of fragile emotions that have been hidden deep in my heart all along.


'Rain Painting' (Bulgaria) by slavinia

Childhood is a key part of our daily life, and it is also a great source of poetry or visual art.
Images of child scenes through either the eyes of a human or the lens of a camera have less difference than we thought as they both create a tangible emotion leading us to the bridge to our past, present, and even future. We all know that a joy or sympathy can be expressed for the experience of our own, and not to be purposely designed that makes people mistaken for a comedy or tragedy. Therefore, we attach so much value to the essence of childhood.

Some of the days of my childhood are still vivid to me and I believe this is the case for all of us. The memories are so reachable like everything is still happening right now, considering a young boy enjoying the pure pleasure of observation by visiting local small street stall every day after school or tasting the bitterness of failure from an incapable catching of mud loach off the roadside pond with a set of very basic home-made fishing tackle.

No matter where you come from or what do you do for life, we are by nature jealous of children as they are indulged to watch the time lapse in a luxury. No matter how we maintain posed and mature like a pensive angular our inner selves are truly overwhelmed by omnipresent eternal indulgence.

The 1X gallery is a large repertoire of images across the globe with a great diversity. Let us wander among these amazing creations witnessing the innocence of every kind from every corner of the human nature.

Each photo will be followed by the shot location, then the name of the author.


'I don't....' (Sweden)by milena galibova



'True friend stays' (Indonesia) by Sebastian Kisworo



'Mother' (Saudi Arabia) by Mohammed Baqer



'Its our World...' (India) by Rajagopalan Sarangapani



'Happy eyes' (Turkey) by Veli Aydogdu



'Meeting Emanuel' (Poland) by Monique



'Focus' (Australia) by Despird Zhang



'Bat Mask' (United States) by NJ Sabs



'Space wagon' (South Africa) by Marc Apers



'Children of Kathmandu' (Nepal) by Yvette Depaepe



'***' (Kazakhstan) by Svetlana Melik-Nubarova



'Wild wild west' (Czech Republic) by Tatyana Tomsickova



'Hungry Eyes' (Romania) by Mirela Momanu



'Rain Boy' (Tanzania) by Goran Jovic



'Bajau Boy' (Malaysia) by Hesham Alhumaid



'The sea inside' (Iran) by Mohammadreza Momeni



'Afternoon' (Italy) by Martyna Ball



'Charlie' (France) by eric drigny



n/t (China) by Matthias Leberle



'Intense' (Ethiopia) by Husain Alfraid



n/t (The Netherlands) by Mirjam Delrue



'Bedtime' (Denmark) by Katja Alieva



'the goat keeper' (Nambia) by Piet Flour



'Girl having breakfast'  (Bangladesh) by Jan Møller Hansen



'Little mom' (Laos) by Shlomi Tura



'Balloons' (Serbia) by Branislav Markovic Umbra



'Children of Sapa' (Vietnam) by Erdem Kutukoglu



'The race is on' (Peru) by Alexandre Buisse



'Children of school on the water' (Cambodia) by shinjiisobe


Lovely series!
"There are three things left of heaven, the stars, the flowers and the children". - Dante Alighieri - Images and article very impressive!
Those were fabulous portraits of men in making. They were made by adults for adults. Is it a search for times of our own innocence? Are we stilling their beauty or preserving it from oblivion..? Do we have a courage to ask ourselves how much money is sometimes behind this kind of photos?
very touching series indeed; compliments
çok güzel
What a collection of wonderful images! Thank you for this article Despird! And congratulations to all the authors of these beauties!
Children, always grateful, nice collection and article !
Wonderful article, Despird! Superb choice of images for the gallery... Congratlµulations to you and to all the authors. Cheers, Yvette