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Dancers in motion

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 26th of January 2021


'Ballerina Story' by Martha Suherman


The art of photographing dancers with a slow shutter speed in order to capture their movements through motion blur is a well-established technique. Mastering this technique is not easy, but it leads to delightful results when it is correctly implemented.

In order to get good results, it is necessary to slow down the shutter speed on camera while the subject is moving over a dark background and with proper light. A proper combination of movement captured on camera, digital edition and the photographer’s creativity will produce images that captivate the observer without doubts.

This kind of photography combining movement and subject details, results in a magical contradition.

Enjoy this selection of  excellent images from 1x photographers.
All of them have a particular beauty that triggers the attention of the viewer.


'...she'll dance with the yellow dress...' by Charlaine Gerber



'E-motion Dance' by Osher Partovi



'4 ways' by Yudhistira Yogasara



'Waves of Balerina' by Antonyus Bunjamin (Abe)



'Dance is the language of the soul...' by Yvette Depaepe



'Dancers' by Libby Zhang



'Slow motion' by AL



'Carmen..!!!' by Alfredo Sanchez



'An in-vitro experience' by Osher Partovi



'The Force of Nature' by Yevgeniy Repiashenko



'Dark Arts' by Peet van den Berg



'Fly and Flow' by Antonyus Bunjamin (Abe)



'Angel wings' by Motti Hartoov



'...she may be the song that Summer sings...' by Charlaine Gerber



'Come...let dance' by Handi Nugraha



'Pearls and Swirls' by Ross Oscar



'twisted fabric' by Dieter Plogmann



'Neda' by Aleksandar Jovanovic



'Balloons' by estherep






'Trapped...' by Alfredo Sanchez


Hallo, my name is Florian. I am mostly impressed by the wonderful dancing Scenes. I am working for German Black and White Print-magazine Schwarzweiss and produce there the head-portfolios. The magazine has the highest print-level which is possible in magazines. I would like very much to work with many of those fabulous dancings scenes in the German based magazine. How can I manage this? If possible, please contact me under my e-mail-adress [email protected] I would be happy to receive a good answer. Florian
Some works are really great!
I apologise for the multiple messages - I wrote on another page and could not see my reply. Could ask the page admin to remove the extras please Apologies again!
Ballet and dance has been one of the top things I take delight in both in life and as a photographer. With Covid 19 preventing shows I long to go to to a theatre and photograph my favourite subjects! It was a genuine surprise to see my artwork in the article... thank you! Great article Yvette - thank you!
Ballet and dance has been at the front of the things I take delight in. With Covid-19 I have longed to go to a theatre and photograph my favourite subjects. Surprised and delighted to find one of my artworks selected for the article.
Really surprised and at the same time delighted to find one of my works in it. Ballet and dance has been my first love in life as in photography. What a delightful article Yvette! Thank you!
Glad you like this article, Peet !!! I do too ;-)
Dancing and ballet have always been one of my dance (myself) to watch and to photograph and sometimes create an artwork, so I really enjoyed this article, thank you Yvette and congrats on an excellent article.
Thanks for your kind and lovely reaction, dear Charlaine ! I enjoyed a lot gathering these fantastic images for the gallery ...
Good performance Yvette!
Thanks, Peter !!! Nice to make a compilation of THEIR performances, dancers as well as photographers ;-)
I enjoyed looking at the selection of photos.
Glad to hear this, my friend !
Very impressive set of photos, Thank you for your hard work. Dear Yvette!
More than pleasant work too, dear Phillip !
Wonderful selection Yvette !
Thanks a lot, Luc !
Marvelous photos.
Thank you, Miro !
A series that captivates with its lightness and grace. Masterful images and a big thank you to Yvette.
Thanks, dear Erhard !
wonderful works! Thank you for sharing Yvette!
My pleasure, Osher !
Incredible, talented dancers and amazing photography, so difficult to photograph with movement and challenging lighting, congratulations to everyone involved, thank you too Yvette, for organising and collating these beautiful photographs!
Thank you, Wayne ! Always a pleasure to me to discover gems here with a specific topic ;-)
Thanks to all authors of these fabulous images and congratulations... Cheers, Yvette