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Digital Journey to the Female Body

by Editor Thomas Thomopoulos 
Published the 8th of January 2021


'For you're eyes only' by Ben Goossens


I am inviting you to join me in a digital journey to images of the female body from all over the world.

I’ll start this journey with an anecdote about the Statue of Liberty, the first thing travellers saw since 1880 when arriving in New York from overseas.
It is obvious that the statue represents a woman – originally her name was
Liberty Enlightening the World - but did you know that, according to the National Geographic Magazine and other sources, the sculptor - Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi – modelled the face of the Statue of Liberty after his mother?


'Statue of Liberty and Moonset' by Hua Zhu


It must have been an amazing sight to these 19th century travellers. They weren’t prepared for it as we are today, since there were no photographs in those days.

Nowadays I don't need to travel physically to see this Statue of Liberty.
Digital travel allows me to see without travelling and without crossing borders, and share my subject – the beauty of the female body – everywhere and across cultures.


The most beautiful fascination for the woman's body is found in the artistic expression that photography can be when it transmits a subtle aesthetic that flees from vulgarity.

Sometimes discrete and sensual


'Elegance' by Axel Brand

Sometimes mysterious and secret


'Reflection' by Zachar Rise


Sometimes eternal and confident


'Alina' by Dmitry Laudin


Sometimes hidden like a precious treasure


'S. walks” by Eric Kellerman


Yet, the woman's body is still a statue defying time through photography.


'B&W by Wolf Ademeit



'tension' by Arkadiusz Branicki


This view on women's bodies also remains a source of intrigue and curiosity of a fantastic nature.


'Leaning on my curves' by Josefina Melo



n/t by Anca Cernoschi



'To Magritte' by Alexei Aven



n/t by Elena Karagyozova



'Getting cold' by Caras Ionut



'Venus Goddess' by hardibudi


Wouldn't it be due to the fascination for the beauty of the female body that would even make us imagine a fantastic origin, something beyond the dream and the understanding of our Universe?


'Nascita di Venere' by igor_voloshin


In the age of the information society, the female body travels across borders and human cultures, without being attached to a place or material that needs to be transported. It has become detached and liberated from any physical object.


'Amilia II' by John Flury


It can even be directed with stunning realism.


'Black sand nude' by Mike Brown


This voyage can be in colour through time and take place through the uncountable places of our planet.


'Nude' by Mikhail Potapov


The view of the female body is no longer reserved for some, hidden in an enclosed space.


n/t by Vladimir Tikhorskiy


It is a living work of art that can be appreciated by looking at it through our television and computer screens.


by Gregory Demchenko



'Statue' by Piotr Leczkowski



'Silhouette' by Ross Oscar


Of course, the female body follows time. Like all living works of art, it is subject to the violence of time.
It can even be seen in each generation with amazing realism.


'The time' by Giuseppe Torre


One could well imagine the eternity of the woman's body, crossing the thousands of years, and consequently, the one who is inside it embracing death with a smile.


'Chemical Romance' by Yvette Depaepe


We cannot talk about this voyage of the woman's body without showing its transformation when it prepares to give life.


'pregnant' by Peter Kemp



'L'Amore Vero' by Andrea Pizzal


Despite this formidable capacity to cross eras and borders, the digital travel of the female body will come to an end. What is its destination? Is there a place of arrival?

These digital images, faithful to the representation of the female body, are shared, exchanged to perhaps arrive at a single standard of the body, standards of beauty that one would have for ideal.

Does the apocalypse come with the standardization of the female body?


'Apocalypse Now' by hardibudi



'Survival' by Christophe Kiciak


One day we can give birth to a robot that might have a woman's body, and at that point the journey of the woman's body may have ended.


'Between epoch' by Lukasz Pietrzak


Congratulations, beautiful never ending story...
Thank you, Vladimir!
Nicely composed photo article. Well done Thomas, and Yvette.
Thank you, Miro ! All honour goes to Thomas and the authors ;-)
A nice collage and homage of fine female bodies. Personally, I find it a bit odd to see the (adorable) photo of Mikhail Potapov in two versions. I have my idea why it became so popular. Instead, I would have loved to seen e.g. works of Axel Brand, who works with very artistic female dance models. But never mind, I'm not an editor :-) and I like what you put together, Thomas. Thanks for your good work.
Dear Mike, I have to confess that failed as Head Editor by not noticing the two versions of Mikhail Potapov's (adorable) photo. Thanks for suggesting Axel Brand's work. I replaced the BW version of Mikhail by the splendid 'Elegance' by Axel. Anyway, Thomas did indeed a great job !!!
A great article with inspiring and high class photos. Thank you Yvette and Thomas!
Many thanks for your appreciation, Erhard!
Interesting and nice article and images .
Thanks, dear Izak!
Congratulations to the authors of all images in the gallery and thanks to Thomas for composing this fine article.
Beautiful article with excellent images, congrats to all the photographers and thank you, Thomas and Yvette!
Many thanks for your appreciation, Jacob!
Wonderful article and images, Thomas!! And thank you so much for including one of mine works!!