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Splendid Isolation

Published by Yvette Depaepe
Text and pictures by Marc Apers 
Published the 7th of December 2020


'Silence is golden'


Marc Apers started rather late with photography, first with slides but soon turned to black and white photography which remains his passion till today. After working almost 20 years in the darkroom he finally made the decision in 2010 to turn to the digital process and admits that he don't regret it. He is a most talented artist who considers photography as a fantastic medium and discussing forum.
Read more in this interview with Marc.

But today, I like to present you a small conceptual series expressing Marc's thoughts roaming free about isolation which never shines, it's art and freedom that truly shines.


These are dark times.
Within five photographs in shades of grey, the colour yellow is but a word, and we are not poets
such as Boccacio.


We see, we see a man, a white spot upon his hair, an emptiness within his head, standing between the white screen of a smartphone and the empty frame of an unopened window.


'Losing my mind'


Under a double cross of neon light, a woman sees herself framed within a mirror window. But only her back, what remains is vague and black.


'Intellectual illumination'


Then the frame tilts, and what escapes? A dark and curved body? A ghost from the pages of a book where little light escapes the pages?




It, she or he, appraises you, masked and strange. Above, the sky, where the sun still shines over the contemporary plague.


'A dark mind'


Then... three black frames without text, a human being bending towards what seems intuitively self evident.


'Und dann'


Between two questions, is there a clear answer? No sun, no colour, no yellow warmth.
I'd prefer five photographs of eroticism, but thats for another time.

A photographer, like a writer, is but a seismograph of the times.
He records the curve, captures and prints what he sees of the The Splendid Isolation.
But isolation never shines, it's art and freedom that truly shines.
The Sun remains yellow, to become red-orange again in time.

Will the dark circle be broken with a virus vaccine within a hundred days? Who knows...

So we must refuse to isolate ourselves lost in gloomy thoughts.
Let your thoughts roam free, expressed in pictures of your fellow man.


Marc Apers 

Happy to announce this series (4 of the 5 photos) will be exhibited in Praxis Gallery & Photo Arts Center 2637 27th Ave. S. | Minneapolis MN 55406 Exhibit Dates: Jan 16th - 30th 2021
Interesting actual subject, excellently expressed in the photographs. Well done Marc and Yvette
Thanks Miro, wish you all the best in these difficult times !
Intriguing poetic interview and photographs which visualize so beautifully the concept of isolation. My compliments to Marc and Yvette on this touching interview.
Thanks a lot Arnon !
Fotografie is als een briljant met veel schitterende facetten , facetten waar u er veel van beheerst !!
Hartelijk dank Jef !
What a beautiful exhibition, it's great to see Marc's work and read this wonderful article. Congratulations!
Glad you like it Roxana, thanks a lot !
Worth a wall in a real exhibition ... fine conceptual art and interesting thoughts dear friend.
That 's where I want to go to with my photography Luc, in each case there is already a gallery that shows interest in my work but because of the corona my exhibition will probably not take place before the end of 2021. Thanks for your sincere appreciation !
As always Marc, insightful photographic and written commentary. Thanks for sharing!
You are welcome Patrick, thanks !
Echt de moeite waard! Mensen aanzetten om langer te kijken én te "denken" is bovendien ook toe te juichen.
Bedankt beste Lus, waardeer ik zeer sterk , ik hoop samen met u op betere tijden ...
Schitterend werk best vriend Marc... Een visuele psychische benadering van de geestelijke problemen waardoor heen de mensheid moet worstelen in deze moeilijke periode van angst, vertwijfeling en soms wanhoop... Hierbij is het kiezen van de titel ook een belangrijke factor... Hoed af...
Superb work dear friend Marc ... A visual psychic approach to the mental problems through which humanity has to struggle in this short period of fear and sometimes despair ... Choosing the title is also an important factor ... Congratulations...
Thank you so much for your nice comments Gilbert, much appreciated !
Isolation never shines. It's Art and Freedom that truly shines!!! Top Conceptual Art, Marc ... Thanks for sharing!
Thank you so much Yvette to give me the opportunity to publish this and for all your help, much appreciated !