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How to find an article in the 1x Magazine archives

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 9th of November 2020

Many members are asking me how to find back old articles in the 1x magazine.
Sorry if I didn't answer all the mails...

First of all I like to mention that all the articles ever published stay in the archives of the magazine.

The purpose of this article is to make it easy to find back whatever you're looking for.  
Just as in libraries, you have access to the archives!


'EL LECTOR' by Jorge Gonzales Herrera


When opening the magazine, you are redirected to the last published article.
When scrolling down, you will see the thumbnails from the recently published 30 articles and than it stops.



On top of the page, next to the right of the last published article, you will see some information such as:

      -        most read this month
-        most commented this month
-        Categories

In 'Categories' you can see the following items: 

      -        #Critiques
-        #Reviews
-        #Featured Photographer
-        #Tutorial
-        #1x News
-        #Books
-        #Photos
-        #Other (in which you will find all articles not belonging to one of the other categories)


If you click on one of the categories, you will only see the articles corresponding to it.

Now you can scroll down and will see  ALL the thumbnails related to that category since we started the 1x Magazine and not only the 30 last ones. 

As an example, let's do a search on the 'Photographer of the week' category.
The very first interview that appeared on the magazine was the one with BJ Yang more than 5 years ago..

Click on #Photographer of the week



2.      Scroll down through 30 thumbnails till you see a box 'SHOW OLDER POSTS'
3.      Click on that box and 30 new thumbnails will appear



Repeat this procedure till you see the thumbnail your looking for: in this case 
       BJ Yang: Photographer of the week'
5.      When clicking on the thumbnail, the interview will appear.


While doing this search, you might
  find interviews from 1x members you're interested to read.

The procedure is exactly the same for each category.
Of course, the older the article the more you will have to scroll.

I truly hope this simple information will be useful and will help you all to easily find what you're looking for.
No 'hide and seek' game: once published everything stays in the archives ;-)

Best regards,