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Gates, Doors and Windows: A Challenge for the Photographer's Creativity

by Editor Miro Susta
Published the 3rd of December 2020

Gates, doors and windows, a simple motif falling into the genre of architectural details. But photographing them is not as easy as it may seem.


'Gate detail' by Inge Schuster

In this article I want to share with you some of the gates, doors and windows from 1x and my photo galleries. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the authors of the excellent photographs.


'White Door' by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp

Gates, doors or windows can be photographed anywhere. When I walk or drive through cities, towns, villages or other built-up areas, photogenic gates, doors or beautiful windows always catch my eye.


'Gates and Windows' by Steffen Ebert



'Window beauty...' by Miro Susta



'When a Poor Lives in a Bank' by Saad Salem Al Sheihk



'Tribute to Esher' by Jacek Stefan

Gates, doors and/or windows have a special character of their own, they are decorated with ornamentation, colors or embellishments and often with lovely details. There are so many different types of styles that can challenge the photographer's creativity.


'Window 1' by Miro Susta



'Tenerife II' by Adrian Popan

To me, the magic of a gate, door or window always evoque the question:  what might be behind it?


'Dreams....' by Igor Baranyuk



'Behind the door' by Christian MARCEL



'Paint in green' by Pavol Stranak



'waiting for the next Year' by holger droste



'Knock, knock' by Hove



'The Girl Next Door' by Antonio Convista

Following some basic recommendation to assist in capturing and processing your photographs.

The right position when taking pictures of gates, doors and windows is particularly important. Do not only take pictures of the main object itself, but also of at least a part of the surrounding façade.


'Gate' by Christopher Scott



'Attractive shelter' by Greetje van Son



'Pastel street' by Luc Vangindertael

If possible, take the photo in RAW format. In this way you can make much more out of the picture during post-processing.

Use the lens correction in Lightroom or Camera-Raw. This corrects the distortion caused by the lens and makes the door look straight.

Straightens the image with Upright. In most cases, the automatic function in Lightroom (Upright) or Camera-Raw is already sufficient for this purpose. The difference should not be underestimated.


'The girl and the door' by Miro Susta

Expose the door (afterwards) more strongly than the rest. To do this, you can work well with the selective adjustments in Lightroom. But you can also do this in Camera Raw or Photoshop (with a mask).

Move from the overall picture to the detail - if you are interested in something, then usually when you are more distant from the object, try to capture more beautiful and interesting derails.


'Behind the scene' by Raceala Elena

Do not concentrate only on nice and modern object, try to find out anything different.


'Old Gate' by Miro Susta

Make advantage of the light, shadows and even reflections.


'Passion in red' by Erik Schottstaedt

When composing, consider what should and should not be in the photo. If appropriate, try to integrate humans and animals. Avoid any distractions around the photographing object, such as cars, pedestrians on other disturbing elements.


'The day nothing happened' by Piet Flour



'A la mosquée Hassan II' by Nadine Risse


It is adviceable to cut away the unnecessary - one of the basic rules of composition. What does not have to be in the photo should not be put in it.


'The black door' by Markus Auerbach

Let your fantasy go free.


'Only OPENS, if you are open for fantasy' by Ben Goossens



'Colorful living' by Arnon Orbach



'Amsterdam 30' by Igor Shrayer

Try something special.


'Pink Brick Door' by David Jordan Williams


I hope that you enjoyed this article and all enclosed photos and wish you good luck with gates, doors and windows hunting.
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amazing to see how many different approaches of the same theme are possible
Thank you so much.
You most welcome.
Création très intéressantes, bravo aux auteurs et merci Yvette et Miro pour l'article.
Merci beaucoup pour la belle appréciation Tierry
Varied and very inspiring compilation of these great pictures. Thanks Yvette and Miro!
Thank you very much for kind appreciation of our work Erhard.
Fine article Miro and Yvette ... and thank you for choosing one of my photos :-)
Many thanks Erhard for your nice words of appreciation.
Great article with lots of helpful info. Thanks!
Thank you very much Patrick for your nice words, we appreciate it very much.
Many thanks Massimo.