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The human story behind the picture 'Worker'

by Editor Michel Romaggi  in collaboration with the author Sohel Parvez Haque.
Published the 29th of October 2020

This young boy, working in balance above the water, between the hulls of two colourful boats above water,  delivers a very pleasant and intriguing image. Beyond the aesthetic  aspect,  we can easily imagine a touching human story.  I couldn't resist asking Sohel to tell us more about this evocative photo.


'Worker' by Sohel Parvez Haque


Congratulations for this remarkable photo and all others in the same series shown in your portfolio, dear Sohel.  Where and in what circumstances did you take this image?
This shot is taken in the dockyard which is located on the riverbank of the Buriganga River just opposite of the Sadarghat in Old Dhaka. The best way to reach the dockyard is to cross the Buriganga River at Sadarghat by using one of the numerous small wooden boats for just 5/10 Taka. The dockyard is open for everyone and it is very easy to roam around. The shipyard provides docks and equipment mostly for repairing and maintaining big vessels.


Which camera and which settings did you use?
I currently use is a Sony a7r III and Sony 24-70mm GM lens. I use it 90% of the time. it is a full-frame body and it has incredible dynamic range, amazing low light capabilities, robust build.
For this one, I used Sony a6000 Body with Sony 10-20mm Lens
Settings: ISO100, 1/250sec, f/4.0


Did you use post-processing to improve it?
I used Lightroom for basic post-processing and that's it.


This picture seems to be a part of a story you did on a trip. What guides you to take these various pictures of workers and especially this one?
I love travel photography and journalism. l like a lot to shoot daily activities and their related stories.  Visiting the shipyard was a unique experience for me.


Can you tell us some more about yourself and what your passion for photography means in your life?
I started my photographic journey in 2012.  After working 5 days (Sunday-Thursday), I spend all my Fridays with my cute, little daughter, Nafisa Nawar Haque and my wife Kamrunnahar.  But Saturdays are only for  photography ;-) with my small team and I am very grateful to them for this photography achievement.

I do not believe in clicking only. Photographers should have a good habits like reading and learning and should show a strong interest in the future roadmap of photography. For this, YouTube and Google are my helpful teachers. I love to capture travel and journalistic images and recently started indoor portrait photography.

There is a saying about learning photography that is “Click, Click and Click.”
However, I will say “Read, Learn and Click”.

I believe in smart work. My advice for starting
  photographers would be to compare their older images with their last day’s captures and measure their improvement.

Sohel Parvez Haque, EPSA