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Xibiao Huang: Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 26th of October 2020

Although Xibiao Huang's work is very diversified, he masters by excellence creatively edited conceptual photography as well as architecture photography. It's a pleasure to present this fine artist and take you along on a journey through his images to discover more about him.


虚幻边缘 - Unreal Edge Water Village


First of all, it is a real honour to me to be interviewed for the 1x magazine.
Thank you, my dear friend Yvette!

My real name is Huang Biao. I was born in China as an amateur photographer born in 1980s. My profession is a university teacher. Besides photography, I like painting very much. When I was 11 years old, I copied the famous painting "mink girl" by the master Leonardo da Vinci, and won the grand prize in the local oil painting competition.

Unfortunately, for some reason, I did not enter the art major, My Art Foundation comes from my mother, who has absolute talent in music and art.
I especially like European and American oil paintings, especially surreal oil paintings.
I admire Leonardo da Vinci, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, meret Oppenheim and other oil painting masters. I get inspiration from their oil paintings  sometimes.

Whenever I feel tired in work and life, I will definitely go to photography, because going out to take my favourite photos is a great sense of achievement, and can completely relax myself and bring me happiness. Maybe this is the charm of photography.
I'm interested in almost all categories of photography.

At first, I liked to take pictures of scenery and wild birds. I just took pictures in the surrounding areas where I lived. Because I didn't have time to go further, the photos I took were difficult to achieve my ideal goal.
I had to turn to other categories to shoot.

I especially like the creative editing images or architectural structure and concept.
Architectural structure photography requires a strong photographic eye to capture artistic images; conceptual images need to have the ability to observe, connect, and reorganize.
These two types of photography are challenging, so I like them.

For me, I pay special attention to the mood and perfect technique of photographing pictures, although sometimes it may take a lot of time.

As an observer, I often observe what happens to me to determine the subject of photography, and then form a preliminary image in my brain, prepare the place to take photos, and then according to the preliminary images, I can take the required materials and make composite.

My equipment is very simple, because I always think that good photos do not necessarily have good equipment. I have two Nikon D810 and Nikon d5300 cameras, walimexpro 2.8/14mm, samyang1.5/85mm and Nikon 5.6/200-500 lenses.

I only use Photoshop CC to process images without any other plug-ins. I only use the simplest and most basic tools in Photoshop CC to process images, such as curves, erasers, brushes, clones, layer modes, etc., which is enough for me.

I have only four years of photography experience, because I am a beginner, of course, I can not give advice to beginners, but I personally think that the process of observation, connection and reorganization is very important for creative editors.

Since last year, I have come to the powerful 1x community and I am very happy to see too many artists' works. I like too many photographers, such as Ben Goossens (bengoossens), Carmine Chiriaco (carminechiriaco), Lara kantardjian (larakantardjian), Gibert Claes (gilclaes), Yvette Depaepe (photoma), Arnon Orbach (arnonorbach), Teruhiko Tsuchida (teruhiko77), Peter Kemp (peterkemp, Christophe kiciak (christophekiciak), hardibudi (hardibudi), Hari sulistiawan (harisulistiawan), gNo (gno1), Shenshen Dou (scientist2004), Nick Walton (nickwalton), Jeroen van de Wiel (jeroenvandewiel) …… There are many, I forget their names. They all have strong photographic vision and high aesthetic ability. I learned from them the composition, colour configuration and the choice of various elements in the picture.

I was deeply inspired by Ben Goossens' works. He had a steady stream of creativity. His pictures had powerful themes. Moreover, the language of photography told me that all things are equal and there are connections between all kinds of things.


'the city lockdown' by Ben Goossens



'Floating beauty' by Ben Goossens

In the future, I would like to focus on creative editing and try all kinds of photography, especially the exquisite and unique environmental portrait. This is my goal and I hope it can be achieved.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a popular love photo. “We must insist” is my favourite photo. Because this year's new crown pneumonia is erupting around the world, health is very important to everyone. During this period, everyone should protect and protect life.


'We must insist'


1 x is definitely my work base. It's a picture selection website.  Although sometimes I spend a lot of time processing an image that I want to publish, and it is inevitable that I will feel frustrated if it is rejected. However, it will also bring me progress, because the rejected photo may still be imperfect, flawed, or not original enough, which will promote me to improve.

Therefore, I am not afraid that my photos will be rejected. My purpose of coming to 1x is to learn and participate I will always learn from you artists. Thank you!


'I want plenty of time'



'Forbid to cover up the scenery!'



'Accumulation of time'



璀璨流线  - Bright streamline



城市空间- City Area



明度几何体  - Lightness geometry



让时光停留  - Let time stay



奇趣  - Funny



'Crying prayers'



'Exchange the role'



水乡- Water town



斜个身子,够得着。- Lean and reach



Dear Huang, (I hope I can call you by your real name), it is such a great pleasure for me to know more about the people that I love and appreciate their work. The fact that you are quite new to photography is quite amazing considering your fantastic works. My very warm compliments for the interview and for showing your very meaningful works. My compliments also to Yvette for this excellent interview.
感谢亲爱的同胞,Best wishes !
All your work is brilliant, Xibiao. Many congrats Thank you so much Yvette.
Thank you so much, my dear friend Francesco!best wishes!
Thanks for responding on this interview with Xibiao, a fine artist! Thanks for your appreciation too, Francesco ;-)
Congratulations, Huang Biao.
Congratulations Huang Biao for the wonderful creative images and the Interview. Thank you Yvette.
Thank you,安吉拉!Your amazing image is perfect. I need to learn from you. Welcome to travel to China next time,
Thank you so much for leaving a comment and for your appreciation, dear Angela !
Interesting thought process. You seem to be on an unstoppable search A great quality. I follow you with much interest. And thanks Yvette
Thank you so much for your support,my dear friend 马里卡!
Thanks for your comment and appreciation, dear Mariuca!
Criativo e surreal...Bela reportagem.
Thank you so much for your support, my dear fiend 豪尔赫!
Incredible, so close yet untouchable. You are definitely not what you called a "beginner" my friend Xibiao. Congratulations and also thank you very much Yvette for this amazing interview.
Dear friend Zhang ,You flatter me. I need to learn from you. Thank you very much!
The interviews with talented 1x photographers always give me so much satisfaction. I feel blessed to be the first to read the answers ;-) You must know that feeling, Des ! It was a huge pleasure to discover more about Xibiao.
Congratulations with the feature of 1x Photographer of the week, Xibiao. Thank you so much for your fine collaboration. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you so much !my dear friend Yvette,Photographers like me, there are still many things to learn, I will continue to work hard, I really appreciate your interview with me!