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Serendipity in Photography or ... Being there versus going there !

by Yvette Depaepe (photoma)
Published the 16th of October 2020

Serendipity describes the phenomenon in which you make a lucky and unexpected finding when you're looking for something else, or not looking for it at all. ...

Serendipity is an unplanned fortunate discovery.

n/t by Alexander Petrosyan


No amount of planning can replace Dumb Luck!
It may be better to be lucky than good …

BUT !!!
Chance does favour the prepared photographer.

Much has been written on the web about waiting years and years for all the elements in a scene to come together for a ‘once in-a-lifetime’ shot. That’s all well and good, and sometimes it’s true. But sometimes a good shot is just dumb luck.

Photos can actually fix eternity in a moment.
Many seek to find the 'Decisive Moment' in photography.
Decisive moments are continuously available.
So much of life depends on chance meetings, twist of fate and paths that suddenly open up to unexpected avenues.

Serendipity lies all around us.
Serendipity comes across like the unexpected rain and as it pours down its magic on you, ideas happen.

Truthful, honest photography is one of the best type of photography. The power of that type of imagery is the ability to show the here and now. That same exact scene in front of your viewfinder isn’t going to be there tomorrow; it’s gone forever.

Serendipity is the soul of an image; it makes it authentic and believable.

For those who question whether they should always carry a camera, I have two words: 'Flying Saucer'.
If you don’t have a camera with you, that is the day you will see a flying saucer.

Serendipity is one of the most beautiful things about street photography.
Stumbling upon something totally unexpected, but so intrinsically unique and beautiful it cannot be put into words. All of your sensations tingling, giving all of your sensory features a feast from a thing or a place that you have never known existed.

Serendipity can be your own little jewel. Taking it and forever keeping it in your box of memories. Taking a photo of it for a keepsake and making it immortal. Wanting to share it with the world, and wanting others to experience a small slice for themselves as well.

So … what are you waiting for ?
Grab your camera and be there instead of going there ;-)
Let serendipity be your own magic …


'Railway Station #4' by Roberto Di Patrizi



'Tagi' by Lorenzo Grifantini



n/t by Alexander Petrosyan



n/t by Alexander Petrosyan



'It's Raining (Wo)Men' by Mirela Momanu



'Rush Hour' by Mirela Momanu



'Remember The Time' by Mirela Momanu



'Comfort & Exercise, what more.....' by romario severino



'the unexpected' by Fabio Giannelli



'Cellulite' by Yvette Depaepe



'Disheartened' by Peter Davidson



'Getting parade ready' by Susanne Stoop



'A lady's eye' by Susanne Stoop


'Safe through the rain' by Marc Apers



'At the playground' by Marc Apers



'Portrait' by Tatsuo Suzuki


'City Zombies' by Rui Palha



'A raining day in Berlin' by Stefan Eisele



'Paris' by Peter Davidson



'Downtrodden' by Chris Hamilton



'closing time' by holger droste


'suburb soul' by holger droste



'Ready to paint' by Marc Apers



'wild at heart' by Lara Kantardjian



'Overlooking the world' by Jef Van den Houte



'Lost among the lines' by Fernand Hick



'Abbey Road' by Marcel Rebro



'Walking goose' by Marc Apers



'Surprise' by Stefano Corso



'The streets of the city' by Antonio Grambone



'Girls, girls, girls!' by Fernando Coelho



'street 13' by masahiro miyagi

Great collection of street images, thanks for including mine.
Wonderful collection of images! After reading the text, I wanted to grab the camera and run to photograph!: -)) Thank you very much for the article Yvette!
Grazie di cuore Yvette per aver incluso anche una mia foto nella tua interessante riflessione. E lo hai pubblicato il 16 ottobre, che è il giorno del mio compleanno. Mi hai fatto un bel regalo! Grazie ancora! :)
Fantastic, Yvette, your words and the images, Love it. Congratulations for the work.
Thank you very much for your compliment, Adolfo! Best greetings, Yvette ;-)
Love it, wonderful collection ++ Thank you dear Yvette.
It was fune to write about how 'hazard' can award prepared photographers, Larry. Thanks for your appreciation, my friend!
One of my favorite (obsessive) subjects. Very interesting images and of course with the element of surprise which defines the topic.
Glad you like this article, Mariuca ... Have a fine weekend, dear!
Many congrats to all the authors (wonderful pictures), and of course to you, dear Yvette for your always admirable contributions!
Many thanks for your kind compliment, Francesco !!!
wooow, amazing collection
Thanks a lot for your appreciation, dear Martin ;-)
Great photos and no less wonderful text. Thank you Yvette !!! ))
Thanks, dear Vlad!
Dear friends, it was a true pleasure to write about Serendipity in Photography. I hope all readers will enjoy as much as I did. Congratulations to the authors of the selected images. It was hard because there is so much excellent work on 1x. I could have add so many more photos ;-) Have a fine weekend and stay safe and healthy, you all. Best greetings, Yvette
Thanks dear Xibiao ... Serendipity in photography is all about exciting moments ;-)