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How to capture Nature's hidden poetry

by Editor Michel Romaggi in collaboration with the author Alfin Fauzan
Published the  8th  of October 2020

This exquisite leaf shot taken by Alfin Fauzan is a real eye-catcher because of the composition, light and colours.  A solitary and luminous yellow leaf emerging in front of a rainy dark blue background as if it was a ray of sun itself.

Beyond its artistic quality and the poetry which shines through it, it also is technically speaking very well processed.

It triggered my curiosity and I asked the author himself how he managed to achieve this wonderful shot.


'Leaf' by AlfinFauzanM


Can you tell us about the place and the circumstances in which this image was taken?
I took this photo in the bush around 9 o'clock in the morning while is was slightly raining.
I just was walking around taking pictures of the surroundings.
And then I saw this leaf standing out and photographed it.  I was very interested because  it was very dominant.  The rain and the sun still shining were creating a very dramatic atmosphere.

What intention headed through your mind?  In the description of this image, you' wrote:
'Stay alive for the continuity and balance of life in the world'. Thus, you seem to give a symbolic meaning to this picture. Can you explain what you mean?
One of the most important elements in life and in our solar system is balance.   If we neglect our environment, the consequences will damage nature.  We have to take care of it. Without a balance, the living system and the solar system will be destroyed.

Actually, the damage on land and sea is caused by the human actions.
I want to transmit this most important message:  let us maintain our environment for future generations.

Can you also tell us which settings you used?
Which camera and lens, aperture, speed, and so on…
I used Nikon D7000, Lens Tamron 90mm, f/4.5, speed 1/2500, ISO 320 and the available light.

Did the post-processing help you to achieve your statement?
In the final process I use the Photoshop application to slightly enhance the POI impression to add to the dramatic feeling.

Can you briefly tell about yourself and the place photography takes in your life and what your favourite subjects are.
I like photography since I was a child.  I used a lot my parent's pocket camera.  In 2011, I started to use a DSLR camera since 2011. 
My work is various but my favourites are landscape photography and macro photography.


Thanks a lot for your interest in 'Leaf'

Alfin Fauzan