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Rolf Endermann: Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 21st of September 2020

Rolf Endermann excels in everything related to architecture and abstract photography.  His whole body of work shows his intention to develop his own style by looking and thinking differently. Rolf is passionate my minimalism, colours, shapes and structures.  Let's wander through his great photos and listen to what he reveals to us through this interview.




For approximatively 45 years I am actively taking photos.

In old times my father has taken photos by means of an „ Agfa-Klick „and I always wondered why photos in photo-magazines look so different and brilliant compared to the ones taken by him. I wanted to achieve the same results, but how to achieve – what was the secret?

The first idea was a reflex camera and interchangeable lens. However much later I noticed, that camera equipment is just a means for the purpose.

Till retirement, or rather „active retirement“ I was working as graduated engineer. Now I do have the time to enjoy my hobbies which are taking photos, travelling, going hiking and visiting workshops in order to improve my photo passion.


'a grid'


It was always my intention to escape from comparability. That is my incentive. To see thinks differently, even in a different manner.


'there must be a mistake'





Generally speaking it is my intention to create photos which provide calm and lead to focus on the essentials. That exactly unconsciously led to minimalism. I bother to see everyday things of everyday life to achieve an independent character. My photo motifs are identified spontaneously and by inspiration, which obviously is a question of time and experience. That´s the way to identify even „hidden treasures„.







It´s not only minimalism which excites me. Basically it´s colours, shapes, structures, architecture or, generally speaking an abstract perspective of the above mentioned topics.  Camera equipment here is a secondary topic. The way the eye is detecting things is even more essential.

Taking photos lying on your back, watching people shaking their heads and answering question such as „what are you watching and seeing, there is nothing…“

That all is part of the game…


'Blue in the square'



'the middle-point'

My photos are taken by means of RAW-modus. The editing of photos is performed by photoshop and NIK filters. In the first instance I am selecting a, so to say,  „photo-graphically rough diamond“. This one is then refined by computer to the level I want to achieve.

I learnt this way of structured approach to identify motifs  at There are numerous photographers knowing the professional finishing process in an impressive manner. I am always learning more from these experts.


'lamp light'



' II '



'sit down'


A succesful photo shoot for me is independent from genre but is an expressive format, something which appeals to me greatly. That is the reason why I like  black/white. I noticed that this may even have a deeper informative value.


'only a door'



'cable car'


Some years ago I changed equipment form Canon to Fuji X-systems – till today I haven´t  regretted. My motifs are created by means of 18-55 mm or 10-24 mm objective lenses.  I cannot choose a particular 1x photo inspiring me most.

Instead the complete I say that the whole 1x site is inspiring!


'salt production'


In addition I am also successfully participating in national and international


'red in small dosage'


Rolf, mein Lieber, es freut mich sehr, diesen Artikel über dich zu lesen und mehr Hintergrundwissen über dich und deine Arbeiten zu bekommen. Du weißt, dass ich einer der vielen Bewunderer deiner Arbeiten bin. Daher freut mich deine Auszeichnung zum „Fotograf der Woche“ um so mehr. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! @Yvette: Thank you very much for publishing this interview.
Frank, mein Lieber, ganz herzlichen Dank für Deine Anmerkung, die mich sehr gefreut hat . Dein Stil und Deine fotografische Sichtweise haben mich ebenfalls stark beeindruckt und zum Nachdenken bewegt, deswegen gebe ich das Kompliment auch gerne zurück
Die Würdigung zum "Photographer of the week", ist bei diesen tollen Fotos wohl verdient. Ich gratuliere Dir zu dieser Auszeichnung. Es ist schön, auch etwas über Dich zu erfahren. As always, Yvette arranged the presentation of your work very reliably and professionally. Kind regards, Herbert
Vielen Dank Herbert für Deine netten Worte. Deine Arbeiten schätze ich sehr, da sie vom Grundsatz her ,auch meiner Sichtweise sehr nahe kommen. Wir sind uns schon häufig bei vielen Wettbewerben oder auch in Fachzeitschriften begegnet . Ich freue mich auf weitere Begegnungen mit Dir.
Ich freue mich auch auf weitere Begegnungen mit Dir und Deinen hervorragenden Arbeiten. Gruß Herbert
Although I think that the conceptual is not limited to minimalism, I find his works exemplary and very well achieved. superb!
Thank you very much for your appreciation, you are right, it is not only the minimalism that inspires me, but I also try to approach other topics as minimalistic as possible, thanks a lot
Gratulation zu dem umfangreichen Feature deiner grafisch ausgezeichneten Arbeiten. LG Martin
Vielen Dank Martin für Deine Wertschätzung
Eine Auszeichnung die du absolut verdient hast. Meinen Glückwunsch
Vielen Dank Jörg, ich weiß den Kommentar von der Lichtgestalt - ung sehr wohl zu schätzen !
Splendid images magnificent work, congrats Rolf, thank very much Yvette !!!
Merci Thierry :-)
Meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser ausführlichen Würdigung deiner meist abstrakten und hervorragenden Arbeiten. Es ist immer wieder interessant, den Weg und Ansichten eines Fotografen zu erfahren. Weiterhin so starke Bilder. LG Erhard
Vielen Dank Erhard, für Deinen netten und eindrucksvollen Kommentar
Meinen Glückwunsch Rolf zu dieser verdienten Auszeichnung. Thank you Yvette for the interview of this fine artist.
Herzlichen Dank Adam für deine lobende Anmerkung.
Thanks dear Adam ;-)
Dear Rolf, I am very pleased to see your art featured on the front page. You have a good (engineering?) eye for composition and use of colour. Keep on enjoying us with new work :-) Thank you Yvette for the interview of this fine artist.
Dear Luc, es mag sein , daß ich ein "technisches " Auge habe, ich weiß es selbst nicht so genau, aber am häufigsten fotografiere ich intuitiv, vielen Dank für Deine netten Wort
once more : Dear Luc, it may be that I have a "technical" eye, I don't know for sure myself, but most often I photograph intuitively, thank you for your kind words
Many thanks, Luc !
Very nice gallery and report, the "salt production" photo is really magnificent. Thank you for this walk in your world, thank you Rolf and Yvette. Greetings
Dear Thierry, many thanks, that you have dealt with my gallery
Thanks Thierry !
Congratulations Rolf, I see that on the subject of architecture and abstract we coincide a lot, only that you with much greater success! Really inspiring, I wish you the best. a cordial greeting Jois Domont
Many thanks Jois, for your appreciation, I have been on your side, yes, there are some similarities, you have a good eye. I wish you all the best and stay healthy ! Many greetings ROLF
谢谢你的评论,我很荣幸能看到你的照片,更何况对我来说,这是一个我还没有掌握的编辑世界,但谁知道呢:看--享受--学习! 你有一种特别的风格。 保持安全。 因为他是你的一部分! 问候你,祝你健康 ROLF
freue mich sehr von Dir hier diesen Artikel zu lesen und freue mich auch über diese verdiente Auszeichnung die man damit Dir vergeben hat. Immer wieder spannend etwas über die Menschen hinter den Fotos und auch über ihre fotografischen Entwicklung zu erfahren. Gratuliere Dir lieber Rolf und gleichzeitig herzlichen Dank. Many thanks as usual to Yvette as an interviewer
Vielen Dank lieber Wolfgang, ich schätze immer Dein Wort aus berufenem Munde, daß ich Dir in diese Community gefolgt bin , habe ich bis heute auch noch nicht bereut, ich mag diesen fachlichen und konstruktiven Austausch.
Thank you, dear Hans-Wolfgang!
Dear Rolf, I am incredibly pleased to see your works and to read this great interview which give an insight as to how you conceive photography. You more than deserve this exposure. You are an inspiration to any photographer who is dealing with minimalism, shapes, structures, and colors. You have a wonderful ability to arrange objects in a giving space and create a fine art out of it. My complements dear Rolf to you and to Yvette who makes it happens so professionally.
Dear Arnon, Thank you very much for your words, I have also read your report with great attention here at this point, so I know your photographic background and particularly value your words and can weight them accordingly Best regards ROLF
Thanks for your fine compliment, Arnon!
Congratulations, Rolf ... and thanks for your fine collaboration, my friend!
Dear Yvette, yes, the cooperation was good and constructive and I enjoyed it very much, I wish you all the best and stay healthy Best regards ROLF
Another great one Yvette well done girl....
Thank you, Daniel ;-)
Congratulations Rolf you have some very clever amazing images wonderful lines from the book of dreams and geometry.
Many thanks Daniel for your appreciation
Herzlichen Glückwunsch lieber Rolf!
Vielen lieben Dank Udo, ich habe mich sehr gefreut