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Welcome to Covid Land

by Editor Thomas Thomopoulos
Published the 9th of October 2020


'Technology' by Morteza Mohit


The exciting thing about life is that every morning is a new life beginning.
Life is not like a movie, where you have a beginning, a middle, and an end. In fact, you have the beginning, but you never see the end. You have to accept it.


'Adult TV (version 2)' by Victoria Ivanova


The fate of Humanity, prisoner of time, makes us discover new things generation after generation. We live enclosed in our time. When we look back, we tell ourselves how we did it and when we look forward, we tell ourselves how we're going to do it. Between the two, we live our time as a truth, which in the end, year after year, will become obsolete. 

The future of Humanity is a programmed obsolescence, we would say.

But we don't stop discovering new things. I remember when some people used to say the end of the story, but the further we go now and the more we feel, we are far from having finished the story. The testimonies are indeed there of a non end of the story. Humanity's history is not finished and we will certainly not see the end of it.


'Stay frosty' by Robert Work


Previously, Humanity set out to discover a territory. The conquest of space is the modern translation of the discovery we once had with ships and sailors on our oceans.


'Alma observatory' by Hernan Calderon Velasco



'Antarctic fire gate' by James Cai


From now on, the discovery is quite different. It is no longer territorial. It is no longer a matter of custom. It is no longer human. It is now technological. Technology helps us to discover ourselves. We crunch it to the teeth.


'Apple Core' by Christian Roustan (Kikroune)


We would like to see it everywhere. Merging nature and technology, a dream of Humanity.


'Fruit Bulb' by Giorgio Toniolo


Technology has clearly become part of our way of life. And it offers us a comfort we wouldn't want to do without. A vital energy. There is black gold, there is blue gold and there is technological gold.


'Human after all' by Samantha Tran


Now we are in a Universe where technology organizes our societies and makes us discover new ways of existing.


'Blind justice' by Petri Damstén



'Formula 1' by Dmitry Skvortsov


Where technology could appear as a solution to the problems posed by nature, we rather perceive a Humanity that continues to be weak in the face of the challenges posed by nature.
The Covid virus is an example of this. If it were a territory, it would seem that it has its own rules and that it imposes them on humans without warning. Dear human, you may have all the technology, but you remain mortal among mortals, alone in the face of nature.


'Alone' by Abdulkadir Avize


And if Covid were a territory, we could even give it a name: Covid land. And the Covid land is only governed by the rules of nature and not those of Humanity.


'Coronavirus' by Sulaiman Almawash


A human cannot move around this territory as he wants to. He does not interact as he wants with another human. And above all, he doesn't live like he used to.


'Corona times…' by Fabi Art



'BTS' by Thanakorn Chai Telan



'covid-19' by Fabrizio Salerno


In a jungle, you have to adapt to survive. In Covid land, you also have to adapt to survive. We must adapt to the rules that nature imposes on us. Our physical appearance even comes to be shaken by its new rules.


'Mask' by Tori Zhu


The territory is wild, it conceals many traps and mysteries that we must discover throughout our adventure.

Will we have an end? Every story has an end. If we look at the past, we can see that a pandemic is temporary. It knows an end.

Are we nevertheless in an epidemic equivalent to the Spanish flu, for example? In half a century, will we have history books that will talk about it like previous epidemics?


'Covid-19' by Giuseppe Galli


Compared to previous epidemics, the big difference is that new technologies have been discovered. Information technology has largely structured our way of working. We see these mathematical and geometric buildings fructify in our cities like an algorithm of work. Vertical line cutting the horizon.


'Magnum' by Andreas Agazzi


Adaptation to this new territory is now done through technology. This would be the best way to govern our societies. We could very well imagine a mask connected to the network, indicating when to put it on and when to take it off. Our smartphone could become our companion telling us when to go out, who to go out with and checking whether we have respected or not the rules of Covid Land.


'2020… Venice Mask' by Giorgio Toniolo


Our interaction with our world will be above all technological. We will depend on algorithms that will tell us how to behave, how to see others, but above all how to live.


'World Turning: the Priestess and the Valley of Smoke' by Michael Bilotta



'Digital diet' by Toni Minchev


We needed a trigger to make our philosophy of civil liberties shift to technological governance. And that trigger is Covid.  A new country, with no borders and with human health as its sole rule.

Covid  Land is a new country that would be governed by the technology that would govern our freedom, in the name of the public health imperative.

Human behaviour is becoming a public health norm. Take responsibility for saving others.
We protect your health. We will look after you. The technological Big brother may have already been born with Covid, without us knowing it yet.

Who could imagine for one moment, a state that does not look after the health of its people?
How to perpetuate our society?
How to make it economically and socially viable?

Discipline and organization will be the key words in the governance of our society in the name of the public health imperative.


'Disinfection' by F. Dilek Uyar



'Disinfection' by F. Dilek Uyar


The best defender of our health will be God technology, guardian of our liberties in the face of the coming of Covid.

The best of all worlds is here. It is coming fast and we, poor citizens of the city that we are, have not yet measured the consequences of this phenomenon.

So, yes, welcome to Covid Land and wish a long life to our dear technology which will watch over our health and our mortal life.

The post-covid human is born !


'White renaissance' by Alex Malikov


Very interesting.
Many thanks Jacob :)
Complimenti a tutti.
Many thanks Massimo :)
Great article and excellent curation of many fine images. This is a timely and evocative piece that I enjoyed reading, although it raises many questions about our future as a species. There is reason for optimism and concern, which you express so well with your fine writing and the selection of images to make your points visually powerful. Thanks for sharing this.
Many thanks Rob :)
Great article, thank you for sharing! Congratulations, Thomas!
Many thanks Heike :)
Congratulations to all the authors of the images in this gallery and many thanks for sharing your work on 1x. Best regards, Yvette
Thanks a lot to you Yvette and Thomas!!!!.....ciaoooo
Great article showing the huge impact of technology, especially in 'Covid Land', Thomas. Well done and great choice of images. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks Yvette :)