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Shanyewuyu: Photography with a Unique Artistic Signature

by Editor Despird Zhang
Published the 31st of August 2020

Shanyewuyu quotes:
“I am not interested in photography philosophy; I am only obsessed with the extreme.”




Shanyewuyu is a fine art landscape photographer.
Shanyewuyu is the pronunciation of the four Chinese characters [
山野物语]. [山野] and [物语] are derived from Japanese culture, meaning Mountain and Story.


'Desk leg'

“This scenery is located in Wafangdian, Dalian, China. To achieve a result like this, we must wait for the tide to subside. The surrounding is very narrow, difficult to enter, and extremely dangerous. It is never recommended to go by yourself if you have never been there”. ~shanyewuyu~

Suggested by Shanyewuyu, who was one the first photographers to discover this shooting spot and now he is the major leader of the route to it.




Shanyewuyu's works are highly recognizable in China for its unique artistic signature. His works are full of romantic and mysterious tenderness that are beyond the the strictness of the reality.
Another popular 1x photographer Bingo Z quotes: "Among all Chinese photographers, he is probably the best candidate who knows how to seamlessly combine Western paintings with traditional Chinese elements."







Some say that he shoots the best lotus photos in China.









Many well-known young photographers have publicly claimed to have been more or less influenced by his works during their development stage. He has tens of thousands of followers on Tuchong, a major photography platform in China. Discussions and comparisons of his works are very common in the circle of landscape photography. In contrast, Shanyewuyu is not very keen on publicity or social media, and he rarely accepts interviews.

His works have been targets of mass imitation and sometimes are quoted in an illegitimate way, with misinterpretations directly underneath. However, when he uploaded these works himself, most of them had no titles, or just serial numbers, and no comment or a description unless it is very necessary.


'Desert lines'


Dear Shanyewuyu, please tell us some more about yourself?
“I am 52 years old, and I graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, a famous art academy in northern China. I am currently working as an art editor at Dalian University of Technology Press. I live with my parents and enjoy spending my leisure time doing photography. I like Outdoor sports, self-driving to the sparsely populated wild to touch the true essence of nature.”

As a professional art practitioner, Shanyewuyu is also very keen on outdoor extreme sports, forming teams and leading the way for new explorers all year round. The localities he is familiar with are generally dangerous, so the importance of this guide role is crucial.


'Badain Jaran Desert'


How did you start your exploration in photography world?
“It was the summer of 2011 when I got my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D90. It is a like a whole new world open to me in which I found a more passionate self and became intoxicated since then.”

Can you share your photographic vision?
Actually, I have been consistent with my pursuits of photography. I love combining photography with painting through which I can express my creativity and artistry. Another thing I learn from it is that failure is not the end of world if you hold the key to the success, and that key is the consistency to make your dreams come true. In many cases, I don’t pay too much attention to the discussions regarding photography philosophy, I just enjoy the challenge to the limits.”

He keeps the danger and ruthless side of the nature to himself and only presents its power and beauty to the audience.


'Jingbian China'



'The hulunbuir prairie'


Tell us about your favourite photographers/photos?
“All photographers with a unique artistic style are my good teachers. Their works always inspire me.”

What sort of experience has been your greatest inspiration?
“The infinite patterns and beauty of the nature amaze me every time while I am standing in the wild.”


'The river'



'The yalu river tai chi bay'



'The moonlight of the yalu river'


The Crater Lake nestles on Baitoushan (Literally meaning White-Head Mountain), the main peak of the Changbai Mountains, is also a border lake between China and North Korea. Surrounded by 16 exotic peaks, the lake is the crater of a volcano filled with blue waters, known as "The Heavenly Lake". The basin-shaped lake, 2155 meters above sea level, and 313 meters deep at maximum, encompasses an area of 9.2 square kilometres. It is a typical high mountain lake. The lake waters keep flowing out, without causing apparent change in its water level. The two white rivers of the upper reaches of the second Songhua River originate here. The inner side of the lake bank is craggy cliffs formed by rough-surface rocks and white pumice stones, which make the Lake resemble a marble bowl carved with uncanny workmanship. The surface of the Lake is smooth as a mirror, with the reflections of grotesque cliffs upon it in numerous exotic shapes.
The lake freezes in winters and springs.


'Changbai mountain'



'Changbai mountain'




In Shanyewuyu’s night scape works he shows his impeccable techniques on composites.





'Fluorescent Sea'



夜 'Night'

Gears and equipment?
Nikon D810 with zoom lenses 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 etc.

Can you share you regular workflow?
"I usually establish the effect after post-production in mind before the shooting. I have a clear target to achieve, and this must be determined and served as early as possible, by such as the lighting, the shooting angles, and necessary preparations for on-site shooting. In the edit I strive for perfection in artistry and visual results. I hope my creation could convey my original idea so I will try to make the pre-shooting and post-production a consistent flow".

The creative edit is one of his signatures in his many works. Many times, they are quite fun to watch, but also thought intriguing.







'The light'




The human figures in his works are full of fantasy and creamy exoticism.





人体沙漠 'Human desert'





What is your best advice to beginners, Shanyewuyu?
Do your best to create your own photographic language and push your endeavours to perfection, although you are not a perfect person. Only a handful of people are born geniuses. My advice to beginners is that you need not get frustrated at the beginning and do your best. Perseverance always pays off."




非常好的工作,给我启示了新的想法,感谢你的工作 Yvette和Despird!
Woww... all images with a surprisng + point!
Fantastic work
无以伦比, 美极了!
Beautiful work!
Just amazing!
Amazing images creating a world of beauty and magic. Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful images. Congrats dear friend Shanyewuyu
Wonderful and interesting interview! And amazing work! Thanks for sharing with us.
Wonderful work and fine interview, Shanyewuyu! Thanks for sharing, dear friend... Congratulations on this well deserved feature. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you Yvette and Despird!
Congrats on Shanyewuyu and thank you Yvette for presenting his incredible story to the audience!