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Hanaa Turkistani: Featured Photographer

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 13th of July 2020

Hanaa Turkistani is proud and honoured to be one of the most influential photographers in Saudi Arabia.  She wants to share her work on international levels.  She appreciates a lot collaborating
with the 1x community sharing her ideas on image editing and exchanging information about training Arab photographers to give them a boost here.  Read more in this interview about the great artist she is.


'The Gate of Europe' 

Tell us, dear Hanaa: how have your history and life experiences affected your photography?
Since my childhood, I have loved art and painting. In 2005, I graduated in Arts and Photography.  My studies helped me a lot to start my photographic career.

Which are your most important experiences that has influenced your art?
I decided to learn more and more, so I attended several courses in various cities by professional photographers like Elia locardi , Mark Kelly , beno saradzic and many more.
Why? Because I strongly believed that one can be inspired by other artists.





'3 Elements'



'View to Up'

What attracted you first to photography?
The very first photo I took with a professional camera was of my children.  With that picture I participated in a global competition and was qualified in the first stage of the evaluation.  It gave me an enormous boost to continue in that field.

Describe your comprehensive photographic vision?
I am honoured to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to give a modern artistic impression as a Saudi female photographer..
I always say in my courses and tell my trainees that we all have to express in photography what we feel and that we have to document it.

Why are you attracted to architecture and abstract photography?
A perspective is something that needs a visual and engineering intelligence.
My art studies have helped me a lot and my passion for architecture and abstract photography has continued to grow.
I believe that every building - old and new - has its own story.





'Gothic Architecture'



'Opposite Observe V.3'


What is most important to you, the mood, / story behind your photos or artistic perfection?
They all have an essential role according to the idea of the photographer.
My work is characterized by creativity and this is the most important to me.

Do you carefully prepare the sites where you are intending to shoot?
I definitely plan everything in advance and link the location to what I want to photograph, which gear I need, what weather I want, daylight or night photography, find out everything about the culture, accommodations, transport and so on.





'The City of Arts and Sciences'





What program do you use to process your photos?
I like to develop fine details while I'm processing my photos.  I use Photoshop, Luminar 4 and like to try new pre-sets and filters.

Can you tell us something more about your workflow?
After my university studies, I have been teaching for 20 years, and I started an academic training in photography in 2008.  I feel happy to have experienced a lot in the field and being now a professional photographer and artist.

         In 2019 I was awarded as one of the most influential female Saudi photographers by Nikon Middle East and Nikon School. One of my photos was published in Architecture Britain magazine in 2019

         I had a chance to give a lecture on mastering training with the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2019


'Port House'





What is your most important advice for beginners in architecture and abstract photography and how do you get started?
The best advice I would like to give to beginning photographers is to practise continuously.  New ideas never stop popping up.  Pay a lot of attention to original compositions even if inspired by others but always try to have your own input.


'Opposite, Obverse V.2'








Are there any specific trends you to improve or any specific goals you wish to achieve? 
I am making steady progress in my career. My last achievement is being the first featured Saudi female photographer by Nikon in the Middle East in 2020. It makes me very proud.

Describe your favourite photo you took and why is it yours?
My favourite picture is 'There is no “HALFWAY”.


Nikon d810  .  24/70 lens  .  nd10stops .  15ec.

I photographed it from the canal bridge in Dubai. This photo became successful after sharing it on all my accounts and participating in several competitions.
  It really was beyond my expectations.
My point of view expresses who I am and shows my photographic vision.

You also can see a BW version on my 1x portfolio.


Is there anything else you would like to add and what do you think of 1x as a home base for your business?
I would like to encourage every photographer to try and promote architectural photography, to feed constantly their thoughts and visual eyesight.

The 1x site shows photography of a high level and feels like one big family connecting thoughts and philosophies.
'We are people who feel the Light………..'

I hope to be able to collaborate with the 1x community and share my ideas on image editing and exchange information about training Arab photographers to give them a boost at 1x.

Thank you so much for this great interview.
Respectful greetings to you, dear Yvette!


Gears - my favourite:  D850  - 14/24 | 24/70 | 16 | 45 |105


Very nice images dear Hanaa, Congrats, also many thanks to Yvette for this interview.
Hi hanaa an impressive presentation of you, your photos and your photographic career. I find many pictures of you very impressive and inspiring, but it will certainly take a while until I am as far as you are with my workflow. All in all an interesting story about you and your country. I am looking forward to further pictures of you, also many thanks to Yvette, who initiated this interview
I am very happy to see Hanaa featured here, definitely she deserving this exposure and her artworks always lived up to our expectations, Hanaa is a new generation of arab girls who are very ambitious and serious competition along side with big talent and classy taste of art, really very beautiful touch from 1x community to give her this exposure.
It is a great pleasure to learn something about you and your photographics ideas and development. Congratulation to be a featured photographer dear Hanaa. Thanks to you and also dear Yvette for the interview.
dear Hans i highly appreciate it always inspire from u .. accept my warm regards...
Thank you, dear Hans-Wolfgang ;-)
Congratulations for your beautiful and most importantly unique work that you share Hanaa. You have a gift for vision and translating it into top quality images. Wishing you many more recognitions and keep inspiring !! :)) Lovely selection of images and vey well presented Yvette :)
Thank you, dear Rana ;-)
Hi dear RANA :) a pleasure reading from u and i always appreciate ur kind doc <3
I congratulate the inspiring artist dear Hanna Turkistani for this outstanding art through which you have become an inspiration for many photographers in the world and Arabs in particular. I am so glad and proud for her with this honoring across the 1x platform. Actually, her work always has a special character, and her use of colors gives her distinction. In addition she always supports novices and talents to raise the level of photography in the world I wish her all the best and success . I would like to thanks Ms Yvette Depaepe for this wonderful presentation & interview .
It is great to see artists,,who share their work and vision, and I am also proud of you, dear Ahmed, thank you very very much for your fine - kind words .. my warm regards ...
Thanks Ahmad ... always so nice to hear the appreciation of our members ;-)
It is with great pleasure that I read the interview with you. I am very impressed with your achievements and, above all, your photos. I cordially greet Slawek.
means alot and i appreciate ur kind dear Slawomir , best regards..
Lovely to see you featured, here, Hanaa. I stumbled across your work years ago on 500px already, as you know. This is by far the better place to receive appreciation, I think. You made me want to visit your region so often, I just need to convince my lady. Just... ;-)
I dont forget my friends :) and also who inspired me in photography You are one of them Mike, thankful dear friend.. U R Welcome, i'll be glad to guide you anyway, There are many beautiful areas desert, seascapes and landscapes
Great images and interview Hanaa. Very inspiring, congrats!
Thank u very much dear Louis regards ++
Very nice images dear Hanaa, Congrats ++
thank u very much Dear Larry regards ++
Interesting experience, dear Hanaa and wonderful selection of photos..My compliments to you, well deserved, and to dear Yvette for her beautiful presentation and interview!!
dear Orkidea with all love and respect during our good days and memories in the field of photography,, i always thank u my friend regards..
Many thanks, Orkidea! A pleasure to me to present such talented photographers on the magazine ;-)
This is a wonderful and inspiring interview!!! Congratulations Hanaa!! And so well done Yvette!! 1x is such a special community, filled with so much talent and passion and this demonstrates it so well. Beautiful photographs showcased and insightful q & a.
Much appreciate ur kind Joycebealer,, thank u very much!
Thanks for you appreciation for the magazine, dear Joyce ;-)
Hanaa Dear, you are one of the photographers that inspires me. Your architectures works are so beautifully composed and presented. Your interview provides a remarkably interesting insight as to your vision. My compliments dear Hanaa to you and to Yvette for a beautifully orchestrated words and visuals.
Thanks for your fine compliment, dear Arnon!
Very beautiful interview! Thank you Yvette Depaepe for this interview! Really Hanaa deserves appreciation and has great photos! I wish her all the best.......
Thanks for your appreciation, dear Ibrahim.
Congratulations, dear Hanaa! It was fine working with you on this great interview. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work on 1x. Best regards, Yvette