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Red Zone

Interview by Editor David Yang 
Published the 1st of July 2020

Red Zone
is a beautifully image by Peter Breimeier – alias pe be
This photograph combines digital editing with a simple original picture to create an exquisitely abstract image. 

The juxtaposition of colour, the use of textures, and the final effects worked in effortlessly blend to turn a simple shot into a masterpiece.


'red zone' by pe be

This is an unique photo, Peter. How exactly did you shoot this, and what was done to get the final result?

This picture is just a shoot with my girlfriend in front of a dark background.  A simple image to start a creative digital editing.

What was the mood you were going for when you were in the process of shooting this photograph?

I already had in mind an idea of a picture about the Corona Pandemic, more specifically about distance, danger, breathing…  things like that.  A conceptual and abstract portrait came out of it.

What equipment did you use to achieve this picture?

Just a dark background, adequate lighting and my Panasonic Lumix fz-200 camera.

What programs did you use to edit and process the final product?

I used Photoshop; Photoscape and Picasa – a mix of these three programs – to obtain this final result which pleases me a lot.

Thank you, Peter, for your answers!
Red Zone is a beautiful photograph, and hopefully it can inspire for more of these innovative, abstract creations.


thank you all so much,especially yvette and david !! I'm a happy person now....:)
Wonderful work - fantastic mood!
Wonderful work .... and a great portfolio !
Eine tolle kreative und inspirierende Arbeit. Dicken Glückwunsch zur Würdigung hier!
One of my favourite artist. thanks Yvette and Peter!
You're welcome, Luca ;-)
love so much this work! Congrats
Thanks for passing by, Carmine! It is a wonderful strong and stunning image, indeed!
Dear Peter, this is such a beautiful and STRONG image you created here. Thanks for your kind collaboration... and congratulaions, my friend.
Wonderful image ! Congrats !
I fully agree with you, dear Elena ;-)
LOVE IT !!! great choice for an article ! Congratulations! love this photographer !
Thanks for your appreciation, Bogdan!