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Results Contest: Rooftop Photography

by Yvette Depaepe
Published in June 2020

There is nothing like the feeling of being on top of the world and taking splendid views of rooftops. 
It is mesmerizing and humbling at the same time. 
Many amazing shots were submitted to this contest.

The winners with the most votes are:

1st place: Secundino Losada
2nd place:  Isabel Guzman
3rd place: Mohammadreza Momeni 

Congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions and thanks to all the participants in
the contest 'Rooftop Photography'.


'Fog' is the currently running theme.
Fog can be a powerful and valuable tool for emphasizing the depth, lighting and shape of your subjects. Photographing in fog, haze or mist gives a moody atmospheric feel to your images. 

This contest will end at midnight on Sunday the 5th of July 2020.
The sooner you upload your submission the more chance you have to gather the most votes.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, click here.  

Good luck to all the participants...


1st place: Secundino Losada



2nd place: Isabel Guzman (isabelguzman)



3rd place: Mohammadreza Momeni (sepidkouh)





by Claudio Moretti



by Udo Dittmann



by Luciano Caturegli



by Piet Haaksma



by MJoão Ferreira



by Jrmgard Sonderer



by Nicodemo Quaglia


Nice selection, with only very good pictures.
Excellent photos, great job everyone!
I'm very happy that my picture made it into the top ten. Congratulations to the other photographers, great pictures. Many thanks to Yvette for her work. Best regards Jrmgard
Congratulations to all the participants: I have enjoyed very much watching your excellent works. My special congratulations to the first ten contestants, among whom I have the honor to be :)). Thank you very much to all the friends who liked my photo for their kind support: I am really very grateful. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Yvette for her great labor; and, also, to whom it may concern, for choosing my photo as a "header photo": I feel very happy and honored :)) Many thanks and best wishes to all. My warmest regards. Isabel.
Beautiful images..Congratulations to all !!
I'm honored that one of my photos was chosen among the top 10. Many thanks to Yvette!