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Welcome to Phillip Chang: new curator in our team

As we all know, the official curators review all the photos to ensure the world class quality of the 1x gallery.

Today we are proud to welcome a new curator:
Phillip Chang, expert in aerial photography as well as in wildlife photography.


'Cross the color pattern' by Phillip Chang



'Stand by' by Phillip Chang


Phillip Chang

Dear Phillip, can you shortly introduce yourself to the 1x members.
I was born in China and currently run my own international trading business in California. I've been shooting pictures since my teenage years, but still an amateur. 

I'm mostly interested in wildlife photography.
Photography is my hobby and passion, and an inseparable part of my life.
It is a great way to express myself and my view of the world.

Your portfolio is amazing.  Can you tell us a little more about your work.
I believe pictures are a reflection of the photographer's thoughts, views, and life experience.  
It is important to be original.
Photography is not a game of merely pushing shutters, it is a game of bold designing, careful planning, and accurate executing.
Dare to dream and be different.

You're a member of our community since 2014.  What does it mean to you to have 1x as your home base?
Since I joined the 1x community in 2014, I've learned a great deal from the world's top photographers on this website.  It made me more acceptable to new ideas and techniques, and quality of my works has improved a lot.  

I was lucky enough to have my works published in top magazines and newspapers, including National Geographic, BBC Focus, The Times, and Le Figaro, and there is no doubt I have to give credit to 1x.
This is truly a place for photographers of all levels to share their dreams and get inspired.


Welcome to the curator's team...
We are persuated that you will do a great job, keeping high the team spirit and the quality of the selected images.

Read more about Phillip in this interview published the 22nd of May 2017


'Crossing' by Phillip Chang



'Happy hour' by Phillip Chang



'Big family' by Phillip Chang



'Pattern with flamingo' by Phillip Chang



'The Eye' by Phillip Chang



'Eternity' by Phillip Chang


Congratulations Philip!
Amazing work! Good luck ... Congratulations
Impressive work, Phillip, congrats and welcome!!
Excellent work. Congrats Phillip
Fantastic portfolio, Philip. Congrats....
Welcome Phillip you are joining a wonderful team Congratulations..
Great photos. Good job and good luck!
Congratulations, Phillip!
Congratulations Phillip !
Wow, what a portfolio! Outstanding! Congratulation Phillip!
Your photos are so great. Congratulation
Congratulations Phillip. Well deserved!
Congratulations Phillip, your work is outstanding and an inspiration, good luck with your new and exciting appointment as a Curator at 1x!
Congrats,it's only fantastic !
Super wonderful work! congratulations Phillip!!
Congrats Phillip !!!
verdon PRO
here we go, congrats my friend
Congratulations,my brother.
Thank you for all you support! Let's all have fun at Looking forward to all the great works!
Amazing work, congratulations!
Congrats bro Chang +++
Mei Xu PRO
Congratulations! You are phenomenal!
Congratulations Phillip!!!
Congratulations, Phillip!!
The photographer that I admire most, congratulation Pro!
Phillip is my mentor too. Because of him I find and love it. Congrats to you Phillip and best regards!
Congratulation, Phillip
Wonderful work! And congratulation!
Congratulation, Phillip. Great work and best regards.
Thanks for joining the team Philip!
Congratulations Phillip, Kind regards, C.S.Tjandra
Wonderful work ! Congrats !!
Your work dear Phillip, is incredibly beautiful and very inspirational. Good luck in your new position. Congratulations.
Congratulations dear Phillip! All the best marco
Congratulations and welcome in the Curator's team, dear Phillip! Best greetings, Yvette