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Silver Fury: The forces of Nature

Interview led by Editor Thomas Thomopoulos
Published the 4th of June 2020

This striking and most dynamic shot taken by
Rodrigo Núñez Buj  was blowing me of my socks literally as well as figuratively.  That why I asked him to tell us more about the making of this splendid image.


'Silver Fury' by Rodrigo Núñez Buj


First of all, can you introduce yourself in a few words, Rodrigo?   You are a telecom engineer by profession and you want to make people dreaming  through your photos. Why?
I always try to evoke the same emotions as I had in front of such fantastic scenes, when people look at my work.  I also like to add some text to many of my images and think this can add an important complement.

Among your photos, there is a selection that shows the unleashing of elements of nature. Do you have a certain message to convey with these shots?
I enjoy a lot writing under my photos,.  To me it is like poetry or a shorts story.
Many are indeed about the power of nature.  When I see a fantastic scenery, I love to write in a poetic way about all that splendour.  I have many Spanish poems about the power of the Canabrian sea.

Do you think that your 'Silver Fury' photo perfectly illustrates the forces of nature
Of course, it expresses the power and magic of nature. In this case, it is the force of a geological phenomenon called "bufón" due to the cavities that the power of the sea creates in the limestone rocks of the cliffs.

What could you advise to those who would like to make this kind of picture ? Did you take any risks? Is a tripod indispensable?
Essential to mention is that I didn't take any risks and that should be the case of any kind of image.  I like to shoot in all kind of circumstances but always in a safe way.  If the angle could be improved by taking two risky steps forwards, I will not do it and let Photoshop do it.  For this photo, I used a tripod and remote shutter for my comfort and to make the best possible frame.

What did you want to show with this image treatment? Why didn't you opt for black and white?
The photo is taken by daylight hours, and I found enough drama in it not to have to convert it to black and white. The title 'Silver Fury' is from one of my favourite poems dealing with the forces of nature. Please note that it's a translation.  It might have lost some nuances but I still hope you like it.

Show your fury,
brewed on long nights,
fed by the moon,
mother of your feelings
Your silver fury,
feed my craving of destruction.

To finish this short interview, I would like to ask you what hardware and software you used.
Do you have a favourite software program and a favourite brand of camera?
I work with a powerful computer and a calibrated Eizo monitor.
The software I use is Adobe Suite.  About cameras, I stay with Canon cause of the treatment of the light.  Perhaps I have become used to it ;-)
I specifically love the most the 5DSR with its 50M sensor perfect for landscape photography and capturing beautiful details.

Thanks a lot for telling us how you made this photo, Rodrigo.
I want to thank you for the opportunity to show my work through this interview!
Greetings from the North of Spain.


I am very happy for this simple publication, Rodrigo. A pleasure to share friendship with such a good photographer and better person. Congratulations
Simple? I don't know what happened to the translator !!!! hahahahaha Great, great puclication!!!!!!!
It's my pleasure travel with you walking through nature in search of adventure! I recommend your awesome profile to all! hugs!
Nice interview and an interesting comment on the genesis of this impressive recording, congratulations
Thank u very much Rolf, appreciate it! Greetings!
Nice interview and an interesting comment on the genesis of this impressive recording, congratulations
Great interview, Majestic image showing the power of the sea. I'm sure I can see the face of nature in those waves... Congratulations All.... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thank you very much for reading it! Greetings!