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Amazing Roofs and Roofscapes

by Editor Miro Susta 
Published the 27th of May 2020

Roofs and roofscapes show the character of a city and the countryside from a distance and shape its face. They are a visible sign of creativity and individuality.

'Roof Symphony' by Frank Daske

Architects and engineers develop new perspectives for the roof design of clay roof tiles, daylight roofs, metal, wooden or stone roofing as well as green roofs in order to perfect roof landscapes technically, functionally and creatively.

'On the Road' by sarawut intarob


'Parisian roofs' by Helena Adelmann

'The color of these roofs...' by Andreas Feldtkeller

'Two chimneys and the sky...' by Miro Susta

Looking down to beautiful roofs from above has always fascinated photographers: From a distance, things change their value; many things shrink, others grow or develop abstract qualities.

'Roofs' by George Doupas

'Antoni Gaudi's La Pedrera' by Nora De Angelli


n/t by Raceala Elena

'Bird view' by Saša Krušnik

But it doesn't always have to be aerial perspective, beautiful roof can be observed and photographed also from the ground level.

'Lotus' by Rana Jabeen

'Roofscape' by Ute Scherhag

'Roofs' by Theo Luycx


'Australia Day' by Miro Susta

Roofs also hide many interesting details, in architecture there are often small details that have something to do with the origin, the uniqueness or the meaning of a building.

'structures' by Klaus Lenzen

'Never mind the neighbours' by Frédéric Verhelst (Papafrezzo)

'Nocturne' by Andreas Agazzi

'Sunset in Abu Dhabi' by Wayne Pearson

And there is often much more to discover in the roofscapes: buildings, tower or other interesting objects in the background that fit into the frame and should be assigned to the scene.

'Roof Street' by Cristinel Mortici

'Red Roofs' by Miro Susta

In the foreground, a part of a building is pushed into the picture, which is otherwise not to be seen, and in general many things look different from above.
While viewing the roof landscape, one is sometimes forced to change the position and automatically attempts to understand the angle of view.
Once one has reoriented oneself, it is possible to look at the scene in a relaxed manner and capture it again.

'Norway-Bergen' by Michael Jurek

I would like to accompany you with my photo article into the world of roofscapes of industrial, residential, social and commercial buildings and show selected photos from 1x gallery.

'The Red Roof' by Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN

'Rooftops at Ladegården in winter' by Frédéric Verhelst (Papafrezzo)

'Town divided by river' by Miro Susta

'Big old house' by Kiyo Murakami

'Dwelling' by Shu-Guang Yang

'The Larung Ngaring Buddhist Academy at night' by Joe B N Leung

'Church of San Juan Bautista' by Juan Pedro Sanchez

'Spring morning' by anicolas

'Competa' by Oliver Blesken

'Snowy rooftops' by Martin Rak

There are countless variations in roofscape photography. I have made my selection of photos for this article, but I have not fully exploited the many possibilities.

'Red rooftops' by Michiel Hageman

Every photographer can choose his own photo scenario, I would be happy to see new, inspiring pictures from this photo category in the 1x gallery.
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As I do not visit very often lately, I was pleasantly surprised to see two of my images selected for the very inspiring articles 'Amazing roofs' and 'Mirror, mirror'. Apologies for not responding sooner Miro and Yvette, and thanks a lot for choosing my work!
You are most welcome Michael, thanks for very good photo work.
Congrats Miro for the article ! So happy to see my photo in this collection. Thank you very much, Yvette and Miro for the great work !
Many thanks Elena, I was happy to be able to select your beautiful photo for this article.
Excellent images!
Tank you Ralf for kind appreciation.
Splendide foto. Complimenti per la selezione.
Gracias molto bene
A wonderful selection for a great idea! Congratulations to all photographers and a big thank you to Yvette and Miro, you are rocking!
You are most welcome Andreas
Hi Yvette, thank you very much for including my image of "Sunset In Abu Dhabi" in your stunning article featuring incredible rooftops from around the world. I LOVE rooftop architectural abstract photographs, there are so many textures, shapes and colours arranged in such a creative way. Unfortunately most people do not get to see these gems, it pays to look up and down as well as around us. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and happy Yvette!
Sorry Milo, I neglected to acknowledge your incredible effort too!
Thanks for your appreciation, dear Wayne! And thanks for your feedback to Miro ;-)
Fascinating and beautiful images of roofs ! Excellent article Miro and well compiled photos. Happy to see one of my images among all the beauties Thank you Miro and Yvette
You most welcome Rana. Many thanks for your kind appreciation.
Thanks, dear Rana!
A fine and inspiring article, Miro ! Especially since the next contest theme is about Roofs. Congratulations to all the selected authors. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks Yvette. Greetings Miro
Miro and Yvette, Nice to see my image as a part of this nice publication. Thank you
Our pleasure, Theo!
You are most welcome Theo, your photo is great contribution to this article.