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The Dawn of A New World ?

by çiçek kiral 


'The Trio' by çiçek kiral

So here we are, in a state of a new kind of consciousness.

Is it really so? Or are we being deceived again by a new scheme created by an outside force? I ask myself again and again these days. Is this a modern day punishment by God? Or is it just the response of nature to a long line of misdeeds against it by mankind? Were we in need to be stopped like this? Did we really deserve this? Is this the beginning or the end?

There could be tens of hundreds of questions be asked but we still could never get the true answer because there is no authority to really answer these questions.

Am I under lock-down? Yes, I am. I have been confined to my home for the past month or so. There have been two curfews one week about that lasted over the weekend and we are about to start a four day curfew tonight at exactly twelve o’clock. These are things we personally have no control over. So why think so hard about them. Whatever be, we should not surrender. What if we cannot go out? Then we should make the best we could of our days indoors.

I may be considered lucky in terms of being a still life photographer. I was working inside before the pandemic started. And I am still working inside. I am mainly engaged in setting up new scenes for my stills. Some days I just go over the images I have shot in the last two years. There is still plenty to do. In spite of that my heart longs for the fresh air that has been accumulating each passing day outside my walls. The songs of the birds early in the morning go under my skin the moment I open my windows. The scent of the blooming trees faintly finds its way into my nostrils and through then into my soul. I long to go out to embrace it but then I remember not to. The only reason that keeps me from doing so is my reason of existence; to survive to keep on creating. Creating new photos mainly is a major reason for me to grow into life.

The few times I left home during this time was to go shopping for essentials or to breathe in some fresh air. I took my camera with me every single time. Once I had my tripod chained on my bike and enjoyed two long hours taking photos of spring flowers. Yet the words coming from megaphones of mosques made me feel remorse as I should have been inside so as to prevent the pandemic to find a way over me to infect people around me and most importantly myself.

Whatever the reason may be I believe that you can free yourself by hanging on to something.
A hobby is a major life saver. Photography is a strong hold for many.
Do not keep yourself from producing new images. Photography enables you to capture life in all its forms, may it be ugly, harsh, realistic, beautiful or imaginative.
Do not forget that life always stands across you in the form you have imagined it.


'Night Falls' by çiçek kiral



'Feel the Gloom' by çiçek kiral


'Midday Beauty' by çiçek kiral



'Fading Impressions' by çiçek kiral



'In the Shadow' by çiçek kiral



'Older' by çiçek kiral



'Faded' by çiçek kiral


I appreciate your words, and I realize that the lock-down has changed me a bit too. As a non-professional photographer I was mainly concerned with landscape and wildlife, but the obligation to stay indoors made me discover and passionate about still -life, to the point that I no longer think of anything else. I greatly admire your work, which I also need inspiration. I hope this will please you. Regards.....
This is great. Something newly found also embroiders the soul...Thanks a lot.
Sevgili Çiçek, çalışmalarınızı büyük bir ilgiyle takip ediyorum. Ben de natürmort çekmeyi çok seviyorum. Belgesel fotoğrafçılığının yanısıra, zaman buldukça natürmort çalışıyorum. Sizin çalışmalarınızın sadeliğini çok etkileyici buluyorum. Başarılarınızın devamını diliyor, tebrik ediyorum.
Merhaba Emine hanım. öncelikle teşekkür ederim. Still Life çalışmalarınızı zaman zaman ziyaret ediyorum bende. Özellikle ışık ve renk kullanımınızı kendi sevdiğim tarza çok yakın buluyorum. Benim açımdan motivasyon ve ilham vericiler. Komposizyonlarınızın canlılğı ve hareketliliği çok başarılı. Çalışmalarınızın her biri çok değerli gerçekten. Tekrar vakit ayırdığınız ve yorum yazdığınız için teşekkür ederim. Sağlıkla kalın.
Dear Cicek, congratulations for your very insightful article. Looking at your works (which I like to do on a regular basis) I find them exceptionally beautiful, your aesthetic qualities are superb thus your composition, your management of light and your coloring are fantastic. like you I am working from home for few years so having to stay in is not an issue mainly due to the fact that it enables me to go over my photos and edit them which as you mentioned, photography is a real savior these days. My deepest compliments on your article and visual presentation. Warmest regards Arnon