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Quarantine shots & stories by 1x members (2)

y Editor Vicente Dolz in collaboration with Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 22nd of April 2020

In many countries all over the world, the pandemic confinement means that we cannot not leave our homes, we cannot go to work and we cannot … go out to take pictures.

Time to develop our 'inner' creativity.

But we still can take 'indoor' and 'outdoor' images right in our close environment to express our current state of mind during this worldwide crisis.

1x released a photographic challenge to capture these rare moments and send in your indoor or 'close' outdoor photographs taken in quarantine.

If you want to participate, upload your photo in your 1x portfolio, or choose an image already published, send the link together with a few sentences (no word limit) on how you experience these hard days to

Editor Vicente Dolz on the following email address: [email protected]

Every week, we will publish an article in which we will collect your contributions.

Looking forward to it ...

Stay safe and healthy!!!



by Ina Tänzer (Portugal)

Due to Corona, we are subject to exit restrictions here in Portugal. Beaches are closed to prevent crowding. Outdoor activities are not allowed. So I am restricted to house + garden when taking pictures. This encourages new ideas and techniques.    However, I would like to make photographic excursions soon. Hopefully this will be possible again in the near future.
Happy Easter and stay healthy!



'Morning Drink'
by Peter Davidson (United Kingdom)

We all cope in our own ways to this terrible curse that has befallen the world, so I won't dwell on that part. But what do we do photographically? Anything we can I guess. And why not try, I thought, to see how difficult nature photography actually is? I mean, really, how hard can it be?

I'm lucky to have a small garden in which I've built a little pond, and this does attract some wildlife. So I hunkered down and waited, camera in sticky hand.  But, although I waited heroically and very patiently for at least ten minutes, I'd yet to see any herds of majestic Wildebeest pass by this watering hole, stunningly back-lit by an African sun. I decided to settle for a Lion or two, but sadly none of them appeared either. Perhaps my expectations were a touch high. Just as I was feeling a little disappointed, a small squirrel appeared, looked at me quizzically and decided to take a drink from the pond. Once I was sure it wasn't going to attack, I bravely took his picture and then took a sip coffee to relax myself. Actually, I don't think sitting in some dung and pee covered mosquito ridden hide on some savannah plain in forty degree heat would suite me anyway. I like my coffee and comfort too much.

Which brings me to the point that nature photographers have a slightly harder time than my efforts with a squirrel. Don't get me wrong, that squirrel was a tough subject, he kept moving around for one thing and worst of all my coffee went a little cold. But I'm a man and can cope. Plus I rose magnificently to the challenge of being a nature photographer with no small amount of courage I feel. That squirrel certainly knows who boss around here. And I've got his photograph to prove it.



by Dan Stanila (Romania)

This one is taken during my daily walk around the block of flats in Bucharest, this being the only activity you can do these days besides going to supermarket.



'Spread Love… not the virus'
by Yvette Depaepe (Belgium)

Nearly 6 weeks of total lock-down and confinement on my own in my little house!  I cannot tell you how much I miss my gang of 4 married children, 15 grandchildren and 2 grand granddaughters. I miss the laughters, the hugs, the joy and the love they all give me. 

Fighting the 'beast' is not easy, neither emotional nor psychological. But one thing helps me a lot to go through these difficult times, to keep up the spirits and to keep smiling: the 1x magazine, my fantastic team of Editors and all of you.

Here is my small contribution to the challenge 'pictures taken in quarantine'.

Don't hesitate to send in yours, even if it is an image recently published, and add your story on how you deal with the confinement.  Let us know that you're fine and do everything to stay safe and healthy.

Warm regards for all of you.



'Break The Chain'
by Saurabh Sirohiya (India)

The whole world over persons are suffering from this unprecedented spread COVID-19, for which no vaccine has yet been developed and causing great loss of lives and pushing economies in recession.

Hope to come out from this very soon, stay at home to stay safe.


by Jane Lyons (United States)

I am using my cat and dog as models to get through this nightmare that we all find ourselves in.  This is my cat in front of a painting of her mother…my late and great cat, Nono.

This is a photo of my Scottish Terrier in front of a painting of Scotties Flying by M. McWillie


This is my cat, flying in front of a painting of Scotties flying.



If you want to participate, upload your photo in your 1x portfolio, or choose an image already published and send the link together with a few sentences (no word limit) on how you experience these hard days to

Editor Vicente Dolz on the following email address: [email protected]

Looking forward to your submissions


Great action. Thanks a lot Vicente and Yvette ! Beautiful photos, but also interesting stories. Stay healthy, all of you !
Great stories and photos. Thank Yvette and Vicente for this excellent initiative. Stay safe
Well done to all those who sent in their stories and pictures!
Thank you, dear Peter ;-)
great topic and story.
This are great stories of all of us how we are living our quarantine, it's very interesting how we can use our creativity to show how we real feel. It's an hard time, but everything will be all right soon, I'm sure of it! Thanks to 1x for this great initiative! Stay safe!!
Thanks for indulging me with 'stupid pet tricks" Yvette and Vincente. These are difficult days for all of us who inhabit this planet. I am grateful that 1x is here to encourage us to share this nightmare and for providing a platform for art and optimism.
Your pet shots are creative and excellent, Jane! Our pleasure to publish this platform for art and 'Optimism'. Well said, my friend!
Very interesting article with great works. Thank you Vicente and Yvette! Best regards, Stay safe and well! :)
Thanks for your appreciation, Francesco!
You are welcome, dear Yvette! Have a happy day. :)
Great photos. Beautiful texts full of optimism. I want to separately single out the text of Peter Davidson, reading which I received great pleasure and the smile did not leave my face. . Your literary and humorous style resonates with my mood. I would not refuse to let you be my neighbor in a country house during the isolation period and later on. ))) Thanks to everyone. All health and peace of mind !!! )))
Glad it gave you a smile my friend!