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Oman before and after the outbreak

by Yvette Depaepe in collaboration with Haitham Al Farsi 
Published the 8th of April 2020

Each of us has his own art style to convey, express and share.
Today I want to share with you some photos taken before and after the Corona Crisis in my country Oman.


Many markets which used to be very crowded, are empty.
Schools, shops and many public places are closed.
People try to stay safe and healthy by wearing masks or using sterilizers.

Taxi driver


Man using sterilizer


This artist draws a message of awareness about the covid-19 virus to the community by adding masks to his artwork showing elderly in traditional dress.
The artwork is painted on a wall in the port of Sur.  A place which became a landmark for tourists and sportsmen. 
Taken on the 19th of March 2020 

Art before



Image Art after

Souq Sinaw
After the government announced the closure of all traditional market the old Souq/Market of Sinaw has been closed 
Sinaw Market is very well known in the country.  Many the people come here to buy all kind of merchandise.
Location: Sinaw / AL Mudhaibi
The first image was taken the 9th of August 2019.
The second the 19th of March 2020.

Souq Snaw before



Souq Snaw after


On  the 12th of  March 2020 the government announced all educational institution to be suspended due to Covid-19 
Location: AL Merat city / Muscat
The first image was taken the 22nd of November 2019
The second the 18th of March 2020.

School before



School after


Sink hole
After government announced banning all kind of gathering,  the Sink hole has been closed.
This is a famous landmark attracting many tourists.
Location: Sinkhole in Quarayat Muscat.
The first image was taken the 27th of December 2018
The second the 12th
of March 2020 

Sinkhole before



Sinkhole after


Sur Beach
This image was taken in the famous city of Sur, which is well known for its beautiful beaches where people used to play football.  But now, they are totally empty.

Beach before



Beach after

Some more pictures showing emptiness all over since the outbreak.




al alam Palace









Football Stadium


!!! If you want to share your own story about Covid-19 with us, please send your text and images to [email protected] - Head Editorial Team 1x magazine.


Excellent photos and story! Take care and stay safe!
Dear Haitham Al Farsi what an impressive series of images. Perfectly documenting the radical change and the impact the Covid-19 has on communities. Thanks for sharing this ! and... please stay safe yourself.
Thank you very much Yvette for organising this emotive story, and thank you very much too Haitham for giving us the opportunity to see how your country is dealing with this unprecedented worldwide pandemic. The outstanding and very interesting images show how diverse we are with our customs and our individual and special ways of going about our lives, but also how connected we all are as a Human Race. This virus has no boundaries and does not discriminate no matter our colour, religious beliefs or where we live, and it appears for the first time that most governments are working together to understand and defeat the spread of this Covid- 19 virus together. The Earth is taking a well earned break from our pollution too and shows us the Human Race, what needs to be done collectively to help maintain a healthy planet with healthy human beings working together. This can also be known as Collective Consciousness. I wish everyone and their entire family to stay safe and healthy.
Thank you so much for your comment in depth on this article. You nailed so many things, dear friend. Best regards and wishes, Yvette
If somebody wants to share with us his own story about Covid-19, please send your text and images to [email protected] - Head Editorial Team 1x magazine. Take care, all of you!
Thanks for sharing your story with us, dear Haitham. Stay safe and healthy, my friend!