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Evgeny Loza: Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 6th of April 2020

Evgeny Loza  is a master of female fine art portraits, whether clothed or not.
  He wants to show the beauty of female bodies.  His biggest concern is not to overstep the line of tastelessness but enjoys walking close to that line.  Evgeny strives to make his portraits interesting and nuanced, thinking about both, the image and the story.

Let's listen to what this amazing talented photographer has to tell us.




I am an Israeli photographer born in Ukraine. I was interested in photography since my childhood; my mother was a professional portrait photo artist. From my early years, I helped her as much as possible, putting film in tanks, developing photos, polishing and drying. All this was at the level of a childhood hobby. I have taken up photography seriously about 5 years ago. Today I shoot boudoir, fine art, portraits, pregnancy, and children.

The main photography genre I work in is the female fine art portrait; my models are young females. Whether a woman in the photo is clothed or not is not an issue: the most important is to make the photo interesting and have the viewer look closely and find nuances in it.



The most important thing for me is not to overstep the line after which the photo becomes vulgar and tasteless. The female body is beautiful, but it’s much too easy to get vulgarized. What I enjoy most is the dangerous and precise walking close to the line, and this is exactly the way I want to do my photography and how I see myself in this genre.



I can shoot in studio or outdoor of course, being able to plan the future photo shoot. Getting ready for it in advance is great. But it’s not always the case with me – sometimes, I take spontaneous shots, but most of the time, I think about both the image and the story.





I have no need to travel extensively for finding a suitable location or I’d rather say, the location is the least of my cares. What really interests me is gorgeous lighting, and to find this may take quite some time. I am capable of changing everything in favour of good lighting: if I see a beautiful light in a not very harmonious or beautiful surroundings, I still decide in favour of the light.



When shooting outdoors, I use mixed lighting sources. I like to surround my models with the nudity of Nature – I feel that it makes the shot even more harmonious. I also like to use bodies of water for reflection and, as a rule, I take pictures from a lower angle; thus, the reflection captured in the water makes my models visually taller.



I use Canon 5d Mark 3 and prefer to shoot with prime lenses: Canon 85mm f1.2 and Sigma 135mm f1.8.  In the studio however I use Sigma 50mm and 35mm, because it’s just small room in my home.
For Raw processing I use Capture One, for deep editing Photoshop.

My work flow is simple and easy.
Develop in Raw, clean up unwanted parts, retouch (frequency separation), dodge and burn, colour grading, add effects if needed (texture, noise etc.) 

 Perhaps the biggest problem is to find a model who is ready to shoot naked. If you're lucky, it might be one of your girlfriends, if not the best way is to look for local models on special sites such as

Nude it’s not always naked:) I mean you can show only a part, emphasize lines and strengthen forms, thereby giving the viewer full play to fantasize.


'Tea time'

My favourite photographers are Annie Leibovitz, Juhamatti Vahdersalo, Zachar Rise, Sebastian Kisworo ,Arkadiy Kurta, Adrian Donoghue, Sevtlana Melik-Nubarova, Antti Karppinen  and many more.

Making pictures has become a very important part of my life. Creativity is a kind of vocation. It is a human passion that requires a lot of effort and work. I don’t have any specific goals that I wish to achieve - I just do it as naturally as I breathe or sleep, just because I couldn’t do without it.

I think that 1x is more than just a great curated site for many photographers to show their portfolio.
To me it also gave me the opportunity to connect with a lot of amazing people. I am grateful for it and enjoy a lot the great images from talented photographers.
I am proud to show my work in this fine community. 
























Sutileza y bonitas atmósferas muy sugerentes, un gran trabajo
Por cierto se me parece al trabajo de Julia Margaret Cameron
Very beautiful shots and nice exploration of your art. Good lack with your creation!
Beautiful pictures, very eye catching, elegant and stylish.
Dear Evgney, firstly my compliments on the choice as photographer of the week. And my compliments to Yvette for her great work in being there! Your photos are so beautifully composed and lighted, they are truly inspirational. Kindest regards. Arnon יש לך פורטפוליו משובח ומקסים. שאפו.
Beautiful collection and celebration of the female form.
Precious photographs. Very elegant and attractive works. Congratulations for them and for the choice as photographer of the week. Greetings.
Thank you very much Jose!
Evgeny to are truly an amazing photographer your planning lighting and detail are out of this world...A True Five Star..
Thanks my friend!
just beautiful.
Thank you!
Superb !
Congratulations on the Photographer of the week feature, Evgeny. Thanks a lot for your fine collaboration. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you very much Yvette! it's pleasure for me to be part of 1x community and a big honor having the interview. I'm very happy to share my work with you all. I wish all of us patience and health.