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Industrial photography: my passion'

'As Head of the Editorial Team, I think we should consider this article as a tribute to all the people still working in these worldwide difficult times we're going through.
Don't forget that beside the essential medical, health care and research staff there are many workers facing high risks everyday. 
Food industry: supermarkets,  dock workers (health care deliveries, fruit and vegetables). 
Safety guards and policemen, postmen, garbage collectors, truckers and many more.
Respect and gratitude to them all'.
Yvette Depaepe

by Editor Miro Susta
Published: 25th of March 2020

Why this title? I am an engineer and consider myself an average photographer, but I am very closely connected to industrial photography, or more precisely to power plant photography.

It was the first international photo book on power plant construction that I had published in the year 1996. That was still the era of classic analogue photography.


'Illuminate' by Els Keurlinckx


We often hear some negative remarks referring to industrial photography: large industrial halls, heavy noisy machinery, sludge, dust, oil and grease, etc.


'780° – Industrial Pleasure' by rainer inderst



'Refinery' by Doug Roane

For industrial photography, this is exactly what makes industrial motifs and reports interesting.  It is about the photographic illustration of motifs from industrial construction, maintenance and production.


'Industrial Disease' by Andreas Agazzi



'Safety first' by Robert


Industrial photography is closely related to interior, architectural and landscape photography.


'factory staircase' by Tomoshi Hara



'Upstairs to the red door' by Theo Luycx



'Hi-Tech for the People' by Raul Pires Coelho



'Factory night view' by Takao Kataoka


Industrial photography is regarded as technically and strategically very demanding.  Behind every company and behind every product there is a vision, a history and motivated work teams that deliver outstanding performance.


'Eggs' by Jan Rauwerdink

Noise, dust, cold, heat, steel and the factory personnel...
... machines, tools and robots in continuous operation.


'melt shop (steel works) by Robert


Extreme conditions are no uncommon situation in industrial photography.


n/t by serkan daldal



'Heat' by CineGiraffe


But so it is, these challenges inspire and drive an industrial photographer, just a few minutes ago high above the roofs of an industrial plant, then in an underground.


'Under Construction ..' by Miro Susta



'safety crew' by Thaib Chaidar



'underground' by Kobayashi Tetsurou

Industrial photography is not only about industrial buildings, machines, tools and other equipment but also about people which are building and making things, including construction, manufacturing, maintenance and other task in the industrial organization.


'cloud' by Tim Millar



'The Blacksmith' by talalhrout



'Lathe Guy.. Like a Boss !' by Mahmoud Fayed



n/t by Nobuhiro Ishida



'worker' by Dilek Yurdakul Uyar

A lot of experience on site is required to capture the optimal images under the given conditions.
Exactly this vision and motivation is shown in the photos selected for this


'Valetta Sunrise' by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp



'electric coloured sky' by Riekus Reinders



'Chained' by Tomoshi Hara



'to polish the sun' by Prisma



'Mechanical Flow' by Jon Kinney



'Oil Cans and Cogs' by Ed Phillips



'Power Play' by Wayne Pearson



'vipers nest' by Alexander Karman


For me, industrial photography is not only creative expression, but also the presentation of artworks for industry lovers, art collectors and exhibitions.


'Industrial' by Daniele Atzori


I hope that this article will inspire some of 1x photographers to introduce their latest photos in this category.
I also hope that the Industrial Photography will be included in the official 1x categories in the future.
[email protected]

A very nice collection of typical scenes out of the industrial world with a nice introduction of Yvette and a fine editorial of Miro. Thank you both and congratulations toall photographers! Stay healthy!
Thank you so much for your warm reaction, Andreas!
Many thank for your great appreciation Andreas. All the best to you as well,
Great stuff, Miro! Thanks.
Many thanks, I tried my best, I am glad to see that it is appreciated.
Fantastic article and photos, Miro. Well done!
Thank you Lourens, glad to see that you like it.
Thank You Yvette !! Thank You Miro !! I am really pleased to be selected for the article! I'm honored! Greetings Daniele
Our pleasure, Daniele!
Great article with amazing photos. Such industrial landscapes are often not easy to shoot because of the high contrast, dynamic scenes and inaccessible places of the shooting point. Thank you, Miro !!! Thank you, Yvette !!!
Thanks, dear Vlad!
Great article, and photos Miro and Yvette. Brings back fond memories of my pre-retirement days.
Warm thank you for your kind words Patrick. I feel the same as you.
Thank you Yvette for including one of my images in your excellent collection of Industrial photography scenes and to you too Miro for your suggestion, please stay safe and healthy!
Thank you, dear Wayne! A real blessing and a way to grow closer to each other for all photographers in our community and on the 1x magazine.
Very nice and impressive Miro and Yvette, thank you
Thanks, Theo!
Many thanks for nice words Theo.
Fine sentiments expressed by Yvette at the start of this article. Bravo. And thanks Miro for championing the often disregarded industrial photographic landscape, which is not very fashionable or appreciated.
Thanks for your warm human appreciation, Peter...
Thank you Peter for your kind appreciation.
Great article with wonderful photos. They master the often difficult light situation and severals use the specific light to transport the atmosphere. Very inspiring! Thank you.
Thank you Knut, I hope that this article will inspire 1x photographers in their future photo creations.
Splendide. Complimenti
Grazie mille Massimo.
Fantastic article as an engineer myself these are the views of my life, great work from all.
Many thanks Colin.