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Arnon Orbach: Photographer of the Week

by Yvette Depaepe
Published: 23rd March 2020

Arnon Orbach  likes to focus essentially on urban structures giving him the ability to take a detail out of context and giving it a total new meaning. 
He is happy with every photo that expresses his very own way to see the world.  His photographic vision is based on cropping images correctly – an art on its own. Arranging elements in a given area by strong compositions and using colours is his way to attract viewers and arouse emotions.
Enjoy this interview and Arnon's work.
(Scroll down to the end for more images) 


'Freedom 2'

To start with, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed, I feel very honoured and I truly appreciate it. 

1x is a big comfort for me and for all photographers in these difficult times the world goes through.

I was born and raised in Tel Aviv 73 years ago. I owe my passion for Art and Aesthetics to my parents who had a graphic design studio during my formative years and then my father founded an art printing shop to produce lithographs for artists, and print art catalogues and art books. We had an impressive library of art and photography books at home which were my growing up friends.

My father loved photography and used to take photos to document our life. He bought me my first Nikon camera when I was 15 and I quickly developed a passion for photography.
I stayed a loyal Nikon man all my life.

At the age of 20, I went to London to study art printing and design. After graduation I went back to Tel Aviv and joined my father business. While working at my father’s place I studied comparative literature and philosophy at Tel Aviv University

At the age of 27, I co-founded Monitin, Israel’s first monthly life-style magazine. Shortly thereafter, in 1977 I moved to London and co-founded a publishing company that specializes in illustrated non-fiction books and worked as a MD. Subsequently I served as Director in Goldcrest Television Productions.

In 1994, I relocated to Israel and founded a records company.
In 2006 I joined Indivisual as a partner and CEO. This company is specialized in producing quality niche content to on-demand platforms around the world.

I am retired few years ago. During these years I volunteered regularly in a Hospice for children with cancer as therapist in healing. I also photographed all the events and family requests in the Hospice.

I am also proud to be one of the founders of The Israeli Creative Photography club where the members are from the Arab, Druze and Jews communities of the Israeli society.

In all the companies that I worked in, I always had also the role of Creative and Art director. In my publishing company we used about 10,000 photos each year for our books. 80% was bought from libraries like Image bank and the rest were commissioned specially from photographers. I briefed the photographers, the picture editors and the designers to approve the final selection. I learned that cropping a photo correctly is an art on its own. It is all about arranging elements in a giving area in such a way that they create a composition which attracts the viewer and offer a new interpretation of a familiar scene. And colours that for me are tools to arouse emotions.

I find that photography gives me the ability to take a detail out of context which, when I succeed, gives it a new meaning.
I am very happy with every photo that expresses my way of seeing the world, which everyone sees a bit different as everyone brings himself to the frame.

I believe that our work is the outcome of all our life experiences as Ansel Adams said '... the pictures we have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved’

My greatest joy is travelling abroad, walking many hours each day and photographing. I prefer to shoot urban textures and architectures most, also like to shoot landscape & nature, but I feel that I have less to contribute there.

I never been good at technology and I don’t utilize my camera fully, but I feel that my strength is in composition, colours and the relations between elements in a confined space.

Recently I started taking lessons in Photoshop and I use it to some extend although I hope to be able to do more with it.

My main camera is Nikon D750 I use only 2 lenses, one is the Nikon 24-70mm 2.8F that I use for 80% of my photos and the other is Nikon 70-200mm 2.8F

I rarely plan what I will shoot, I travel in a city by foot and stop wherever I see something that I like (I am a very lucky person as Michal, my wife, has all the patience in the world for my photography). I do not try to document a place but to show it as I see it.

Picasso once said: 'I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them'.

I am quite influenced by my studies and reading of philosophy, and the issue of "do we see what we think we see". In the early 80s we published a book called “Mind watching”, which gave the most profound experiments in psychology. One of them was "I witness testimony" which shows that if you ask 10 people to observe a scene and ask them to describe what they saw you will probably get 10 versions of the scene. So, I feel free to present my work as I see it.

I tried to comply with the request to show my most favourite photo. I have several favourites and they of course relate to the emotions they arouse in me. So, I chose the first photo I uploaded to 1X.


'Urban texture – Amalfi coast Italy'

Taken in Maiori in Amalfi coast Italy in 2015. I love urban textures in old cities and the way the shadows and light interplay

I travel abroad 3 to 4 times each year, twice to the USA to my daughter in California (married to a professional still photographer) and then to my son in New York (Director of photography for films and TV. Was the DP of Orange is the new black and recently of The Deuce series). All I want is to be able to continue travelling and photographing what I have done till now but hopefully much better.

As a youngster at home I looked at my father’s photography albums and was very inspired. Most dealt with subjects like fashion, portraits, photojournalism, street scenes.

Photographers who influenced me, not in style but in appreciation of what is good work, are photographers like Man Ray, Annie Leibovitch, Robert Mapplethorpe, Steve McCurry, Robert Doisneau and many more.

I must say that for me 1X has some of the finest photographers I came across. I am very pleased to have access to such a great library of photographs. I enjoy looking every day at new photos uploaded on the site and relate to them. I learn a lot from the other photographers in 1X.
To me 1X is a home for my work and I hope to continue enjoying my good experience with 1X.


'Chasing the ball'


'Urban texture – Jaffa Tel Aviv Israel'


'Urban texture – Down town Los Angeles'




'Bus – Abbot Kinney Festival Venice California'


'Atrani beach – Italy'


'Urban texture – West Ireland'


'Urban texture – Croatia'


'inner vs outer space – Tokyo Japan'


'Made in Japan – Tokyo Japan'


'Up up and away – Rishon LeZion'


'Urban texture – Herzliya'


'Shibuya Tokyo, Japan'




Congratulations, Arnon! Excellent interview and superb inspiring works. Thank you very much, Yvette. Stay safe and well.
Congratulations Arnon. Your art is inspiring a most certainly deserve this platform. Kol Hakavod!
Congrats , dear Arnon with this interesting interview and beautiful pictures . Thanks,Yvette.
Thanks for showing us how you work and approach your subjects. Very intresting. Always good to read how somebody is producing his/her pictures.
Hi Arnon, it's interesting to learn about your life in this feature. I really enjoy your photography. Congratulations and all the best! Matthias
Congratulations, dear Arnon!!
Excellent interview, dear Arnon. It is good to know something more about you and your photography career. Your portfolio is excellent. Congratulations my friend. And thank you very much to Yvette for making this and all interviews possible. Warm regards and take care.
Belatedly I saw this interview. Great photos. I am very happy for you. Thanks Arnon! Thanks, Yvette!
Thanks for telling us the story behind the photographer Arnon. It was a pleasure to read. Keep up making your enjoyable work. Also thanks to Yvette for making this interview possible.
Dear Arnon, many congratulations! very interesting article and your photography is amasing and inspiring too!
An amazing urban structures portfolio! Many congratulations, Arnon! Many thanks, dear Yvette, for sharing this inspiring interview! :-)
I am very interested in your work and I am pretty impressed after reading your Bio and your contribution to society, I think it has been a beautiful artistic journey, from the first few images of you I had a chance to look at I realized the talent and experience, always glad to see your work.
A truly fabulous body of work and a fascinating and very inspiring article. Congratulations Arnon and a big thanks to Yvette for sharing this wonderful moment.
Thank you, dear João!
Many compliments, Arnon
What a wonderful story to read. I enjoyed it very much, dear Arnon ! And I love your photos very much ! Keep doing the good work, my friend !
Excellent photographs, interesting story. Great skills and eye for artistic level photography.
Hearty congratulations!!! So happy to read your amazing interview
Congratulations Arnon!
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much interesting article about your life and your photographical career dear friend Arnon. Many thanks to Yvette too. Best regards Wolfgang
Thank you for your never ending appreciation, Hans-Wolfgang!
congratulations on being this weeks photographer !
Dear Arnon, It was a pleasure reading about your very rich life path and how you perceive art in general and photography in particular. As a great admirer of your work and your way of relating with people here at 1X, I send you my best compliments and a big hug! To Yvette, my congratulations on the guidance of this excellent interview. Take care!
Thank you so much for your warm appreciation, Jorge!
Congrats Arnon, wonderful interview and great pictures, well deserved!
Dear Arnon, what an impressive artist and professional life. Love your sense of composition and color on your photos. Best regards!
Dear Arnon, your pictures are amazing. You a true inspiration for me. I feel great pride to be your fellow countryman. Hope to see a lot more of your exquisite work in years to come.
Thank you for sharing some insight of your professional life, Arnon. An interesting career full of creativity. I always wonder about people following everything here on 1x, what motivates them to be generous with true compliments. Your life story puts them into perspective for me. I often do not comment on your work, because there are so many brilliant catches. That counts for a few other people, too. But be sure, I always feel bad when not doing it :-)
Hi Arnon, congratulations on being this weeks photographer .... 100% deserved for the quality of your work and for your enthusiasm in participating in 1X. I enjoyed reading your story, a life full of creative power which explains the high standards of your work. Wish you many more inspirational years ... and for the moment, stay home and keep safe :-))
Great work Arnon, your vision of photography I really like those lines and the compositions that you create are a delight for the eyes, my sincere congratulations dear friend and thank you for the article Yvette, your work is greatly appreciated, you enjoy it very much Arnon !! Best regards!!
Thanks dear Juan!
Congratulations, a wonderful collection of fantastic single shots, overall an excellent demonstration of your photographic perspective my friend
Congrats Arnon !
I follow you as you always know and I'm happy for this well-deserved recognition. Your photos are beautiful and personal. Congratulations also for the nice interview with you and yvette Thank you very much Arnon Thank you very much Yvette
Thanks a lot, dear Alessandro!
Thank to show us your art and read about your "soul". In this black days is good read something about humanism and help to others. All we need that! Best regards and keep safe.
Dear Arnon, congratulations on this well deserved award. I like your style, your images are very creative and effective. Thank you and Yvette for this very interesting article. Warm greetings and stay healthy!
Thank you, dear Martina!
Congratulations..., Arnon! A wonderful interview and fantastic photos ! Best regarts Brigitte.
Arnon's work is a marvel, I love everything he does. A big thank you Yvette for this excellent interview and thank you Arnon for your images that make me dream.
Bellissime. Complimenti
Complimenti !
congratulation dear arnon!!
Great insight into you Arnon, and your work. Congratulations on a well deserved honor. Warmest Regards, Patrick
touching and inspiring in these challenging times!
Dear Arnon, thank you for the insight of your work. It was a really pleasure to read. Best regards and, please, take care and keep safe: Paulo
Thank you very much for bringing us Arnon's story and some of his brilliant images. He is an outstanding and innovative photographer but also a very enthusiastic person who encourages and supports other photographers ( like me ) with his very inspirational comments about their work. He has the ability to see and imagine and then photograph and process his work as he sees the world around him and us. Thank you Arnon for your inspiration, and congratulations on being featured as Photographer Of The week!
Congratulations dear Arnon. Wonderful article and fantastic work.
Dear Arnon, congratulations for being the "photographer of the week". It´s very nice to read about your way of seeing photography and your link to this art. Beautiful images.
Arnon congratulations, a well-deserved honor.
Dear Arnon, let me congratulate with you for this highly deserved acknowledgment of your photographic art. I have been following you for a long time now, so I have already had the opportunity to admire your fantastic works, of which here are only a small but very significant example, and therefore I can only renew you my sincere congratulations for your great technical skills and for the your extraordinary creative talent. We love different photographic genres for sure, but also being a true photography's lover I can only be amazed and astonished by the beauty of your images. So thank you for offering us the opportunity to share them with us, and also for opening us, in this beautiful and interesting interview, a small chink on your personal history of man and photographer. A warm greeting my dear friend, and still my most sincere congratulations to you. I conclude with a thanks also to our friend Yvette for offering us this most welcome opportunity. Sergio
Dear Sergio, thanks a lot for your appreciation. Stay safe and healthy my friend!
Arnon, First of all congrats as photographer of the week, well deserved. Nice to read about you and my compliments for your very nices photos.
Congratulations Arnon. I am very happy for you that they do you this honor. A sincere hug Best whises Jois
Congratulations, dear Arnon. That's the right place to honor your work and I read this report with great interest. Stay creative and healthy dear Arnon!!
A wonderful article, I love your style of work ..Many congratulations Arnon
Congratulations with the 'Photographer of the week' feature, Arnon. Many thanks for your fine collaboration and for sharing your photographic vision. Cheers, Yvette
Dear Yvette, it was such a pleasure having the interview. I am most grateful to you and 1X for offering me the p0latform to share my thoughts and photos with you all. Wish all of us a healthy and creative year. My deepest regards Arnon