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A Memory is a Story of Time

by Editor Thomas Thomopoulos 
Published the 20st of March 2020


'Lepidopterology' by Heather Bonadio


Talking about memories, wouldn't it evoke the past time that we keep alive forever, thanks to our books?
If we're looking for the key to memory, we must look back in time... and so, back to the past...  


'Locked up' by Victoria Ivanova


But what is time?
This unknown being which we'd like to give a face and that you can see everywhere...


'The time' by Solanin



'Timeless' by Ben Goossens



'Time Walk' by Andre du Plessis ARPS


Tell me your secrets time?
Who are you?
Where are you from?
Tell me the secret of my memories...


'time will tell' by Andreas Bübl


It is often said that time does not exist. That the present does not exist. That the future is not yet and will never be in the present. Therefore, only the past remains.

And memories... over and over again memories which sometimes you want to get rid of or which you end up accumulating in a library...


 'Past to the future' by clinton lofthouse






'Memories' by Golubeva Nataly



'I wish you a fairy tale' by ElyzaLy



'She is always there' by Yasuhiro Ujiie


I'm facing you, time. I can only see you through a watch or a clock...
You're a persistent shadow...
I would have liked to touch you, to feel you, to better feel the memories that you make beat in me...


'FACING TIME' by ronald koster



'What is TIME?' by Victoria Ivanova



'timeline' by Zsolt Furesz


I would like to manipulate you, sometimes to go back in time, to relive the past, to relive a memory, sometimes to know the future, to reassure myself and to live a beautiful memory before having lived it...

Sometimes you scare me... scared of being too old... scared of losing time... scared of not being the same as before... or just scared of my own memories...


 'Please move faster, I want to grow up...' by Yvette Depaepe



'w a s t e d'  by Sebastian Kisworo


But the most beautiful thing in the end that lives in me thanks to you, dear time, is the memory that isolates me in a world apart.  A world of my own that only I can understand, that only I can feel in the middle of nowhere.  A world inside me, like a timeless heart engraved on my body.


'Memories... III' by Tales Yuan



'Memories' by Alexandra Bochkareva



'Scares' by Memories of Violette


Sometimes I would like to say stop time to live and relive the same moment and remember the same memory eternally.  I would also like as a child who plays, to be the one who controls time, to also control my moments and memories.


'Stop The Time' by Nader Farid



'Hourglass...' by Irina Kuznetsova (Iridi)



'time master' by Magda Berny


If I come to dream of you, my dear time, you become a beautiful day, by the force of things, the weight of my memories, which I must then organize, structure and control by force in my simple memory as a human being.


'in my dreams …' by Franziskus Plfleghart



'The weight of time' by Julie Waroquier



'Time resisting' by Leonard Boniotto



'Memory' by Marzena Wieczorek


Guardian of my memories, my dear time, I actually prefer to keep you as a door to knowledge that would give me access to every moment of my life and to all my memories, which I will be able to consult at will like an old book, an eternal memory of my life.


'Upper Lausitzian Library of Sciences' by Patrick Aurednik



'Time Gate' by sulaiman almawash



'The Old Book' by Przemyslaw Chola


Thanks fo Thomas and Yvette to for selecting one of my images.
Always a pleasure to use one of your terrific images and so nice to hear about you, Andre. Such a honour to know that you are following the 1x magazine. Warm greetings, Yvette
Great photos and stories, Thank you so much .
Merci Thomas!
Great photos and stories !
Thank you Jennie, take care of yourself :)
Awesome.Thank You!
Thank you Bannerchen, take care of yourself :)
Excellent "Time Photo Work", splendid photo collection. I enjoyed reading the nice "Time" write up and viewing splendid photographs. Many thanks Thomas, Yvette and of course to all authors of these beautiful photographs.
Thank you Miro, take care of yourself :)
Superbe travail et des photos magnifiques, merci Thomas et merci Yvette pour cette édition !!!
Merci Thierry, prends soin de toi :)
Merci Thomas, toi aussi prends soin de toi, amitiés !!!