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by  editor Wicher Bos
the Editorial team,
the Crew members,
the Founders.
Published  the 18th of March 2020

'Hope' by Mike Melnotte


With the COVID-19 virus spreading rapidly, people are forced to change their daily routines. Governments are trying to get to grips with the reality. In a situation like this people need hope. That  'optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one's life or the world at large.'

Everyone will have another source for it… but let‘s bring some images to mind that carry this message of hope…

Just remember, it is NEVER Hopeless…

Stay calm, be safe!  


'hope' by amir bajrich



'Hopefulness' by Marc Huybrighs



'Last Hope' by Radin Badrnia



'Hope' by sinakelvani


'hopefully' by Deny Jeko



'Life Is Beautiful' by Quality Pixels (Marcin & Sylwia)



'hope' by Ardo inzhy



'Our sunrise' by MIKHAIL POTAPOV



'Free fly' by Sebastian Kisworo



'hope' by Christoph Hessel



'Hope' by Timo Lehto



'Hope' by Matin hosseini



'Hope&Wish' by Parsa Bagheri



'Longing' by Dominic Schroeyers



'Hope' by hardibudi



'United Solidarity' by Benton Murphy MD


P1 is so cool!!!
Hang in there everyone and let's hope this nightmare ends soon! Stay safe!
I wish all of you lot of patience, best health and strength. Take care and stay healthy, we will manage it. Thank you Yvette for this great contribution.
No thanks, Miro! I hope the magazine will bring some quality time to the readers in these difficult times.
Dear Yvette, Grateful you brought the subject that keep our lives around it. The photographs selected are excellent to encourage us in these difficult moments.
Many thanks, Francisco! Giving people some respite through art is the goal ;-)
Thank you, dear Leah!
beautiful. Well done.
Many thanks, Jeff!
Thank you Yvette for this message of hope embellished with splendid images. Here we are confined, fortunately 1X allows us to escape through images. Good luck to everyone, friendly Thierry !!!
Merci infiniment au nom de toute la communauté, cher Thierry!
Thank you, Massimo!
A heart felt message Yvette, and all the very best to all involved at any level at 1x. Photography is like my blood running through my veins, bringing with it all the ( creative ) nourishment that helps to makes me feel so alive and happy. 1x is indeed a safe haven for me and I am sure it is also for many other people. The brilliant images that I see every day touch me by enlivening my soul and are a great inspiration to go out into the world and find diamonds waiting to be discovered and presented in a photograph. I have made many friends here on 1x, people who support me and many others with their encouragement and who are prepared to give advice where they can. Please take care all of you, we will get through this nightmare if we work together and not against each other. Good light and LOVE to all of you !
Dear Wayne, thank you so much for your message of 'hope'. Let's keep the 1x 'safe haven' running, let's join all our 'cyber hands' to get throuht this nightmare. Best of greetings and love for you all ... Yvette
Thank you so much, dear Yvette, to have a constant factor is so important, in particular if it is 1x ! Moreover, get lost while taking pictures outside cannot be a better protection in my view, stay healthy all!
It is really heartwarming to read that our members hold on on the constant presence of our 'online' community, Ulrike. Thanks for the touch of humour, getting lost in a deserted world with your cam and companion ;-) Warm cyber greetings !!!
Dear Yvette As our universe has turned upside down, I am grateful for the constant presence of 1x. "Art speaks as words are unable to explain" has never been so real. Thank you for keeping this community together with hope and inspiration. May everyone survive and move into exquisite light!
That's the target, dear Jane! All together against the virus. Our community is there and I feel it never was that important. Thank you so much for your words, dear friend!
I think that the passion for photography should teach us to love and understand nature, to know our strengths and strengthen immunity. Inner strength, hope and faith for every person. Everything happens not by chance! We can handle it.
As a spokesperson for all members, crew and founders: let photography be a resting point for all of us in these scary days. Together with the Editors Team, I promise to keep up with the magazine. Stay safe and healthy... Yvette