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Underwater Photography in the picture

Published: 12th of March 2020


'The Shape of Takeoff' by Jennifer  Lu


First though: Is it necessary to know how to swim…? 
Second Though: No, it isn´t…!

Underwater photography is a genre that many people look at with some reserve. And there are some good reasons for that.  Winter is gone, Spring did arrive and Summer is on its way…!

Of course the goal of the expression “Underwater photography” is to dive deep in the Ocean and shoot breath-taking pictures of a World, that is not so “handy” and very much “hidden” from most of us.
If you are one of those adventurers and want to try it, just take a brief look with the “click of your mouse” and you sure will be amazed by the amount of companies operating in that area…, and if you live close by the sea, just “around the corner” at your place´s city block.

They rent all the necessary gear, camera included, and the necessary assurances and most of the companies also offer “special wet baptism packs” for double beginners: beginners in underwater shooting and beginners in diving with personal trainers, or in group, for all prices and programs.

If you don´t live near the Ocean, maybe your holiday destination for this year, is a beach or near to a beach…, including this “little piece” in the big “holiday machine scheme” which will be not so hard and can turn that vacation into something really different.

This narrative started with an answer .Why…?

Just because underwater photography happens on a 30 meters or more deep dive but it also happens on a 3 meters dive or at a depth of just 30 cm, - not just happening in the Oceans on deep dives or coral reef shallow dives .

Underwater photography can happen everywhere you can dive with a camera, even at 30 cm deep:

Think in a swimming pool and think in a home aquarium…, you dive the camera in there with the fishes, right…? Outside of the aquarium, shooting the fishes through the glass is still underwater photography….?
I leave the discussion open for you and, of course, I begin to agree that the fish, yes, they are underwater…, but maybe I agree just for the fish case…, not for the “photograph” taken outside of the aquarium.

Swimming pools have often those very green / yellow/ blue attractive tones with the nice objective “to invite you not to leave the touristic facility” where you are : they tell you don´t need to leave for the beach or for a walk in the country side…, look around and you will notice just how beautiful our swimming pool is…!

Did you ever think that with a small water resistant compact camera or bridge camera you can achieve amazingly beautiful pictures under water in the swimming pool…?

The light is always amazing…, with those waving light rays penetrating the water…, the bottom floor tiles and the wall tiles of swimming pools always have those beautiful tones and great patterns…, For the smooth motion of the the surface always make for amazing and visually dynamic fluid shapes…

A world of opportunities to make great shots and with people swimming inside, the odds of a great shot are just awesome –You can do all of this with the water right at your knees level.

A quick check of the reference of the major brands offer for water proof compact and bridge cameras give us a huge amount of possibilities and the prices are quite appealing.

So…, maybe it´s time to begin the search and to “open” for our inspiration some really amazing and beautiful stuff here: go for “20 dives” in a row.


'In the Magic Castle' by Petr Polach



'Creatures of the sea' by Val n Gael



'Just  Like A Dream' by Thanakorn Chai  Telan



'A Sense of Freedom' by Mato P.



'In my dream' by mukti  Echwantono



'Swim' by Davide Lopresti



'Skunk Anemonefish' by  Ilan Ben Tov



n/t by Fernando Silveira



'Clown fish in blue anemon' by Barathieu Gabriel



'Breakfast time' by reiko takahashi



'Whale ballet' by  Serge Melesan



'Anna and the Sharks' by Thomas Marti



'Fish Soup' by Ebi Johannes



'Underwater garden' by Jennifer Lu



'Alice' by Anuar Patjane



n/t by Daniel Savel



'Space Tikehau' by Paul Cangemi



'Dark Tiger' by Ken Kiefer



'Underwater ballet' by Robin Wechsler


'Purple Anemone' by Ilan Ben Tov


Yvette, Thanks ever so much for the inclusion of my photograph in this article. I am deeply honored. What great news in a difficult time for so many all over the globe.
Thanks Robin! Photography can help us through difficult times, indeed.
I am not the best swimmer, I never tried underwater photography, even when I was swimming over the beautiful Barrier Reef in Australian Coral Sea. I regret it now. The underwater scenery is offering great subjects for excellent photos. We can see it in this splendid, beautiful photographs. I really enjoyed viewing them (for several times). Iwish to express my sincers congratulations to all autors and many thanks to Yvette for excellent publishing.
Amazed myself when discovering so many excellent underwater images on 1x, Miro! Thanks for your appreciation.
The views underwater inspired me to take a photograph. Then I realized how beautiful and diverse our world is. Unfortunately, now I do not photograph in space under water. Thanks for the story.
Congratulations for all authors selected in this fabulous gallery of underwater images. Cheers, Yvette