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Space: Reflection of the loneliness of Humanity

by Editor Thomas Thomopoulos 


'Fly me to the moon' by Haitong Yu


We have one thing in common with our ancestors: the fact that we observed space without being able to inhabit it.  We are still not part of the generations that inhabit space.
That's the way it is. We have to accept that.
Our role at the moment is that of a simple observer.


'ALMA Observatory' by Hernan Calderon Velasco


Colours …
Beautiful colours ...
A beauty we would have wanted ...


'Veil Nebula' by Robert P Krings



'The horse in the sky' by Andrea Auf dem Brinke


'The Rose in the sky' by Andrea Auf dem Brinke



'The 4 elements IV' by Stefan Eisele

Certainly, we are part of a generation that has managed to take the first step into space.
We dreamed about it for a long time and we made it happen.


'Night launch' by Jef Van den Houte


The human machine has reached its destination, but sometimes at the cost of countless sacrifices...


Busludzha' by Milen Dobrev


Human technology has made it possible to begin the conquest of a new world.


'Flying into History' by Andrew J. Lee


We even managed to set foot on the moon.


'Moon and Spica' by Bruce H Wendler

 We dream of being masters of the Universe...


'Air freshening!' by Ben Goossens

But we're really just children lost in an eternal dream...


'Let your dreams be bigger than your fears' by Yvette Depaepe

The belief that we can fly on our own wings in space as well as on Earth...


'spaceball 1' by george gradinaru

The belief that you can swim in space the same way you do on Earth...


'Space Last Freedom.' by Dmitry Laudin

Or to walk in space as on Earth...


'Magic' by Nataliorion

When in reality, we're really just observers of our Universe...


'Milky Balls' by hardibudi



'Team exploring the ice' by TIANQI

Infinity ...
Unknown ...


'Andromeda Galaxy (HDR)' by Hassan Abdollahabadi


'Under the Starbow' by Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt


'Out There' by John Colbensen


Arthur C. Clarke said that "there are two possibilities: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both hypotheses are equally frightening".

Yes, space feeds our imagination of this being from elsewhere...


'Intergalactic Roadtrip' by Ben Ryan


But wouldn't it rather be the reflection of a fantasy of a Humanity desperately alone in the Universe?


'UFO' by Daniel Balakov


Always alone in the night among billions of stars... looking for something... or someone ...


'The universe is near' by Sergey Parishkov


'Galaxy' by Alex Malikov

A heavenly God?
Or a Godess?


'Space guardian' by Ben Goossens



'Mars' by Sergei Smirnov


The one that impregnated space?


'Cosmic Girl' by AP Photographie

For now, humanity is alone. It inhabits the Earth.
Vestiges that are remnants of a past facing the vastness of space.
Vestiges that the lights of space illuminate in the darkness of the night.


'Ucero castle' by Martin Zalba


'A game of tones' by Iván Ferrero

Vestiges that for the moment allow us to observe life only on Earth and nowhere else.

And vestiges that for the moment leave our Earth quite alone in space, a reflection of the solitude of Humanity.


'EVENT HORIZON' by grENDel ART João Martins


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Thank you so much Thomas!
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Our pleasure, dear Martin! Thomas picked up your images for this gallery.... Warm greets, Yvette
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Photos très créatives, bravo et félicitations aux auteurs, merci Thomas pour ce magazine.
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Thank you very much Thomas and Yvette! Wonderful article and images!
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Thanks for your appreciation, Sergey ;-)
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