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Annie Poreider: the story behind the camera

by Editor David  H Yang 



Annie Poreider's photographic journey was over 135,000km in 2019.
Her footprint spans Europe; America; Asia and Africa. It seems she was either taking pictures on the way of taking pictures.

Was that your life in 2019, Annie?
That is correct, and it has been the status of my life since May 2015. For the past 4 years, I have invested an indescribable amount of energy and money, as well as my time, travelling and learning about photography. If you could only understand how much I love nature and how much I want to use photography to save the amazing moments I’ve witnessed in life, then you wouldn’t be so surprised at this obsession any more.

Can you tell us something more about yourself and reveal how you became so passionate by Photography?I was born in China and grew up on an Air-force base. In fact, I served in a military hospital for more than 10 years. After leaving the army, I moved to Shanghai and became an officer for the Shanghai city council. I then moved on to become a news reporter, and later, a heavy equipment importer. I immigrated to the United States in 1995, and I am now the owner of a biotechnology company. Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor hobbies such as travelling, diving, fishing and hiking. I love to cook Chinese food. And of course, my favourite hobby is photography!

My father loved to paint, and my mother's calligraphy was very beautiful. Those have had a great impact on my love for the arts while growing up! When I was working in the army in the 1970’s-1980’s, I started playing around with film cameras to take photos of my colleagues and have some fun. I've had digital cameras for many years, but did not know how to use them until May 2015. I have a group of friends who are photography enthusiasts as well; I started to learn more about digital photography thanks to them.

The Milky Way was something that first attracted me. The idea of being able to capture such a stunning natural phenomenon further enhanced my interest in photography.


'the view in my dream'

Beautiful birds also lead me to discover my passion for photography. Using cameras to record good moments, and sharing them with others, makes me happy.


'Ready for landing'


'Focus on the aim'


You excel in Landscape Photography as well as in Wildlife Photography.  How come that those two categories are triggering you the most?
I love travelling and I love nature!  I am often touched by the omnipotence of the Creator... Recording beautiful moments with my camera and sharing them with others is a personal source of happiness.


'Light and lines'



'Early morning in the spring'



'The road to deep Earth

From the beginning of preparation for photography to the completion of the work, the whole process is very important to me, and every link is indispensable, the mood as well as the technical perfection.


'Falling in Love in the morning fog'


Are you prepared when you go shooting on specific locations?
Yes, preparation is always very important. There are so many variables that will affect your pictures. The season, the weather, access to the area, migration patterns, crowds and other factors will determine the success of a trip. I always research and study to learn about where I am going and what I want to photograph before I plan a trip. It is no fun to fly or drive for hours to find that your subject has moved on and won’t be back for months, or the area is closed to access.

For instance, when I learned that the total solar eclipse could be seen in some parts of the United States on August 21, 2017, I planned for half a year and carefully studied the specific time, route of coverage area, and the approach of this total solar eclipse, as well as the special requirements for the equipment I needed for the shoot. At the same time, I have designed the theme and subject of what I want to shoot based on geographical conditions. With all the necessary equipment, I rented a car from Los Angeles two days before the solar eclipse and drove all way to Central Oregon. Fortunately, I found my desired spot that I had planned ahead of time, and shot the whole process of the total solar eclipse. On my way back, I decided to make a detour through the famous California State Highway 1 and shoot the beautiful West Coast before returning to LA. Just this trip, I drove more than 3,000 km alone within those 4 days. It wasn’t easy, but I was fortunate with what I captured. 




What gear and software do you use and can you tell us something about your workflow?
I use Nikon D810, D850, D5, Z7; I use almost all focal lengths of Nikon. From 10mm to 800mm lens of Nikon. I may have 10 camera bags for different subjects.
To process my images, I now use Bridge 2019 and Photoshop 2019, and also Nik collection.
My usual workflow: I use Bridge to rough and select photos, then use camera raw to make most of the adjustments to the image, and finally use the Nik collection in PS to refine and reduce the image.


'Powerful baby'



'Elephant family in Amboseli'



'The King of the territory'


What would be your most important advice to beginners in landscape or wildlife photography, Annie?
Study good examples of photography and other related works of art; 1x is a great place for this. Systematically study photography and aesthetics, and take a lot of photos under various conditions. It is also important to determine the theme you like and to purchase the right photographic equipment.

Who are your favourite photographers and why?
I really like the work of Ansel Adams and of Duan Yueheng  - Canadian Chinese 1x photographer. Their work is very artistic and their photos reflect the passion and emotion of the photographer. I am still working hard to learn.

What is your own all favourite photograph?


'The Angel'

For most birders, this photo is very common, but it is very special to me. It was taken on my first birds' photography journey in Houston, TX, USA in April 2016, and it's my first photo published on 1x.

Do you have specific goals that you want to achieve in the future?
In the next few years, I would like to go to Africa to shoot more wild animals, and I want to shoot more scenery in the United States and Europe. I hope my work has its own style. I also wish I will have more pictures published on 1x!


'Colobus Guereza'



'Crossing Masa River'


To end this interview for which I'm grateful, I would like to thank for the platform provided by 1x, which gives us the opportunity to appreciate and learn from the excellent works of outstanding photographers from all over the world! 

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to learn from everyone!
I wish 1x to be understood and loved by more people!

Also, I would love to thank my husband and son.
  I couldn't have enjoyed my photography trips without their understanding and support.  I also want to thank all the friends hanging out with me on my photo journeys.



Congrats, Annie. Good story with amazing photos.
Amazing life journey, very big congrats to you Annie 姐!
Congratulations for your achievements, dear Annie! Your work is truly amazing and inspiring!
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Congrats !
Love your stories behind the camera. Congratulations!
very nice images and story, Congratulations dear Annie!
Great interview and amazing pictures. Congrats Annie.
I am amazed, stunning work
Congrats Annie ++
Great story! Congratulations, AnJie!
Big congratulations and many thanks for your fine collaboration, dear Annie. Your work is amazing ... Thanks to Editor David H Yang too for this fine and interesting interview. Best regards, Yvette