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F. Dilek Uyar: Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe 

F. Dilek Uyar's work is very diversified but whatever the subject, all her images are masterful in terms of mood, story and technical skills. Dilek pushes her limits continuously and feels the closest to documentary, street and portraits.  In 2017, National Geographic awarded her the title Travel Photographer of the year.
Discover more about this charming young woman and her photographic skills through this interview and enjoy ...


Briefly tell us about yourself, your hobbies and other jobs, dear Dilek.
Actually, I'm a lawyer. Photography is not my profession. But especially in the last 3 years, I started to take more space to photography in my life by minimizing my profession.

How has your history and life experiences affected your photography? 
The geography in which I live and multiculturalism in this geography is reflected in my photographs. It is very important for me to touch and listen to people's life stories and to be involved in their lives that I have never experienced. I can do it with photos. For me taking photos is also a way to accumulate stories of people, to be involved with them, understanding them.


'Being Woman in ÇomakdaÄŸ'



'Homemade Bread'






'Gold of Farmer'


What first attracted you to photography?
I was bored of the boring, serious and heavy air of life in the courthouse corridors. It was at a time when I questioned my life and my goals. I set out to find myself and photography became my best friend. I wanted to see the world in a different way. I wanted to see the world of different people by entering into it. I can say that this was the biggest factor in starting photography.

Describe your overall photographic vision.
My aim is to take photos with a story created with light and geometry.




You have your very own style and your work is very diversified. Can you explain why this is?
I love pushing my limits in every aspect of life. This of course goes too for photography. Since documentary, travel, street portraits are the areas that I feel most close to, I love to educate my eyes and and produce good photographs in these different areas. I think that working in different disciplines increases creativity. But I try to do all this on the axis of light, geometry and story. In fact, the biggest challenge is to push the boundaries and to make private and discrete photos in the places where everyone goes and everyone takes.


'Catching Fish in Simerenya'



'Less is more'


What is more important to you, the mood /story behind your images or the technical perfection?
Technical excellence is of course important. But technically exquisite photographs lack emotion and the story doesn’t leave a mark on the audience. If emotion and story are strong, your eyes will not seek technical excellence in photography. But of course, it's even more wonderful if they come together.
Recently, I think that there should be defects in photos. because life is flawed.

What generally is your relationship to your subject matter beyond being an observer?
Do you prepare carefully the locations where you are intending to photograph?
Of course, I try to choose the places I go because of the limited time. It is important that people know what they want to shoot. After deciding on the place and time, I have long chats with the people I will take pictures of. I'm working with them, trying to lift the boundaries between us. If the photographer succeeds to be invisible, he can take the most natural and intimate photos. In this way the photographer is as one of them.


'Who Am I'


What gear do you use (camera, lenses, bag)?
I believe that the eye, the mind and the heart are taking the photos, not the camera. Up to this time I've only had two machines. The first one was D90 now D810.

What software do you use to process your images?
I'm just using PS.

What is your most important advice to a beginner in Photography and how do you get started?
The eye is a malleable organ. Watching the right photos from the right addresses is also very important in this sense. I would advise them to follow good photos galore.

Is there any specific photo taken by another photographer that has inspired you a lot and why?
Maggie Steber's 'Story of Face' series, for which she was nominated for Pulitzer in 2019, is an incredibly impressive work for me. It inspired me so much.

Describe your favourite photograph taken by you and why it is special to you?
I have been working on a project with cancer patients for about 3 years.  In the scope of this project, I have passed through psychologically quite challenging times. That's why my photo project is always very valuable.


'Silent Scream'





In addition, the photo that brought me to the first place in the human category in the travel photograph competition of the National Geographic Year in 2017 and the photographs I have attached in the appendix are precious photographs that are separate and special for me.





Instagram National Geographic Your Shot

Is there anything else you wish to add and what do you think about 1X as a home base for your work?
Being a woman in Turkey, especially a successful female photographer is very difficult. You have to fight for a lot of things. It is not easy to achieve something without sponsors or support. But despite all this, it is more valuable when you achieve success without straying from your principles, without departing from righteousness.




Congratulations Dilek.
I know your work for very long time, we had a chance to meet each other in sina Italy this year but I was not able to do so, really I consider you a friend, come to your images with no doubts one of the most influential images I have ever seen, straight to the heart
Many thanks dear Dilek, your photos are really of great beauty, I love your work. Thank very much dear Yvette dor this splendid interview !!!
Merci Thierry ;-)
Thank you so much Thierry.
I had already had the opportunity to admire and comment your splendid images, Dilek, and this selection is the confirmation and yet another demonstration of your exceptional artistic talent and your technical ability. I was also very pleased to read your story and your considerations on photography. A well-deserved prize,Dilek. My sincere congratulations to you Dilek and also to Yvette for selecting this great artist. Sergio
Thank you for your appreciation, dear Sergio ;-)
Many thanks Sergio you always support my works
A very informative and friendly mooded interview. Congrats to dear Dilek and Yvette for their co-operative work.
Thanks for your appreciation, çiçek ;-)
Çiçek çok teşekkür ediyorum.
Congratulations dear Dilek, and very thanks for sharing your beautiful photos on 1x and instagram
Thank you Majid Greetings
Congratulations Dilek, this interview was a fine opportunity to dive into your beautiful diversified portfolio. Thanks for sharing :-) Thank you Yvette for this interesting interview.
Geen dank, Luc ;-) Ik vind het zo fijn fotografen te interviewen ;-)
Thank you so such to all LUc
Very interesting to discover this photographer and her extraordinary work, well done both to Ms Uyar and Yvette!
Thanks for your appreciation, Peter! Cheers, Yvette
Thank you so much Peter
Thank you so much dear Yvette ans all 1x team.
Our pleasure, Dilek ... Enjoy the feature, dear friend!
Thanks for your fine collaboration, Dilek! Fine interview and beautiful work... Congratulations!