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A new year, a new start with new resolutions.
  Let's go for it!
The idea of a clean slate with good intentions and exciting possibilities should make us overflow with anticipation.


by Aida Ianeva


One of the most photography–related new year's resolutions is simply “to shoot more”. 

So put your work out there, put yourself out there.
Photography is such an amazing thing because photos are a part of our identity.

The ability to take a great photograph is more powerful than you know – embrace it!
Get your photography skills in tip top shape before the ball drops next new year.

The 1st of January is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Let us write a good one together.


We wish you a heartfelt, promising and fulfilling future; full of hope, peace and love without borders.
That's what our world needs.



by Jeremy Hussard



by John Wilhelm



by Howard Ashton-Jones LRPS



by Michel Manzoni



by Laurent Lothare Dambreville



by Stewart Marsden



by Hua Zhu



by Vinaya Mohan



by Thierry Boitelle



by Francesco Calvetti


Great photographs, splendid celebration atmosphere *** HAPPY 2020 TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!
Happy New Year 2020 for everyone of you!
Happy New Year ! and a good pictures in 2020.
Thanks! Happy 2020!
A powerful and successful 2020 with many highlights... to all of you... Cheers...
Happy New Yearr :)
Happy New 2020
Happy New 2020 everyone, wishing you good light in the new year!
;-) Up to a fantastic 2020!!!
Thanks and cheers to you, Izabella!
Great sentiments and pictures, best wishes to all, cheers my dears!
Let's go for it... Cheers you all!
Happy New Year to everyone, I wish you a year full of joy, love, happiness, health and a lot of good lights!
Cheers to you, Carmine!
Cheers to you, Thierry!
Happy New Year 2020
Cheers to you, Sergey ;-)
Happy New Year!
Cheers to you, dear Judy!
Happy New Year and a good health with a lot of pictures in 2020
Cheers to you, Jeannot!!!