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Family as a Universal Child

by Editor Thomas Thomopoulos 

As a child, I used to have fun drawing a family. There was always a mom and dad. Me too, of course.


'My time' by Tihomir Trichkov

At first, I imagined the only child. The one who takes advantage of his parents all by himself? The spoiled one. The rotten one.


'Sand arithmetic' by philnormanphoto

And I imagined a dad who's funny. He'd make jokes, the nicest guy in the universe.


'Family hierarchy' by Fabi Art

As a child, I wished a mother who took care of me. May she always be there, loving me and telling me that I'm her darling.


'Journey' by Lev Tsimring

And why not also about a brother or sister with whom I could share secrets?


'Twilight' by Tatyana Tomsickova

And let's not forget the beautiful house that we imagined to be perfect, a shelter from the outside world.


n/t by Leyla Emektar La_

As a child, I would also like to have welcomed a new family member.
Whether it's a stuffed toy.


'Love between brothers' by Tatyana Tomsickova

Or an animal with which I can share things beyond human.


'Family portrait' by Monique

As a child, I imagined that all animals live with their families. That they are happy and that they take care of their little ones. I see them in the snow resisting the cold thanks to family spirit.


'Mother’s comfort' by Nate Zeman

I imagine them talking to each other, with a simple glance.


'Family ties' by Takeshi Marumoto

As a child, I wanted to be a star in the spotlight. Being staged, like there's only me in the family.
In pink with cool parents?


'Family portrait' by Andreas Söderberg

To illustrate my parents' hobbies?


'Etsy Mum' by Tanya Love

Share a moment of happiness on a picnic?


'Modern day picnic' by Tihomir Lazarov

On the beach, far from the cities, near nature?


'Just a seagull pulling my girls' by John Wilhelm



'Comedy duo' by Lotta Van Droom

Or simply do the same things as his parents, regardless of age?


'Sunday breakfast' by Tatyana Tomsickova

No, rather, hide in a box to keep the most precious thing, the family.


'Family in boxes' by Mirco Dalla Lana

I guess all over the world there are families.
Family is a universal concept that can be found all over the world.


n/t by Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia


'The Sharma Family' by Robert

A concept that resists all the difficulties of life. Whether it's the forces of nature, like winter.


'Winter in Leeuwarden' by Willem Hangelbroek

Or facing poverty.


'Sisters' by Amir Hossein Kamali

And finally, as a child, I am a link between two foreign families. 


'The choice to make' by Victoria Ivanova

Thanks to me, I brought two families together which became one.


'Better than wars' by Victoria Ivanova

I can imagine the commonalities. 


'Family' by Kellyhofer

After all, don't we look like our parents?


My family' by Mohamed Safwat Abonour

To form a single family, symbol of unity and the universal child?


'Family' by Rajasekar Alamanda

The one who would have liked to see himself grow up with his parents…


'Life' by Giuseppe Torre

…Who from generation to generation…


'Generations' by Thomas Babut

…Preserving in time the most beautiful memory, which is that of sharing a moment of tenderness that can only be lived as a family at the age of a child.


'Family' by MmaxX

In the end, we are all a universal child, the child of one - and only - one family.
This is what we call Humanity.


'A little miracle' by Sebastien Del Grosso

Great theme and wonderful selection of images! Thx for this article Thimas!
Thomas of course #@*# auto correction ...
Thank you Wicherbos :) Best wishes for 2020 !
A very interesting, beautiful article with exceptional photo choices. My sincere congratulations to Thomas and the photographers. Happy New Year!
Thank you Izabella :) Best wishes for 2020 !
Fine article and selection of images, Thomas. Thanks a lot. Congratulations to all the authors! Best wishes for 2020 to all of you... Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks Yvette and congratulations to all the authors :) Best wishes for 2020 to all of you !