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Performance boosting

We have been working very hard the last week to boost the performance of 1x a lot, hopefully you have noticed that the site is much more snappy and speedy than it used to be. Some features might temporary be down while we are optimizing them and increasing the performance. Next week we will introduce even more major performance gains. If you are having problems with the connection speed, please send an email to support[at] and we will help you out.

I have noticed! Looking and performing great! Well done!
Glad to hear it, thank you!
Excellent work, now "Your submissions" in the Weeky Theme is very quickly to scroll
Great, enjoy!
Will the "Your Submissions" button on the Weekly Theme be coming back?
It's now back!
Does this apply to Pixu also or just
It's just concerning 1x for now.
I don't see the Ranking button any more. Is it my browser issue or it was removed ?
It's been temporarily removed, but it's coming back soon, with much quicker loading time.