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Yearbook Passion ready for printing

We are very pleased to annonce that the final selection for photo book Passion has been completed and the book has been sent to printing. We have developed the concept this year, giving the book a theme, and the interest to participate has been bigger than ever.

The photos are carefully combined on each spread and the flow of the book has been crafted with minute precision, making it a piece of art in itself. We believe it's the best 1x book we have made and a testament to our passion for photography.

Passion will be printed in an exclusive limited edition of only 1700 copies. The first 170 books will be signed by the founders of 1x. The buyers of books #1, #17, #77, #117 and #177 will get 1 year of free Pro membership.

We will start taking pre-orders October 1 and the book will start shipping in November. The sooner you order the sooner you will get your book, since they will be shipped in the same order as they are pre-ordered.

Big thanks to all the wonderful 1x photographers contributing to make this possible!

will there be a preview like you did for the latest few yearbooks?
Yes, there will be a sample from the book on the order page when it's up.
You should change "No Words" into "Passion" in that first sentence, before we are tempted to make a joke... ;)
Haha, good point, thank you!