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The ethereal magic of Bukovina

by Editor Marius Cinteză

'B U C O V I N A'  by Sveduneac Dorin Lucian

is one of the most dedicated photographers who spends a lot of effort and time in promoting Bukovina, the beautiful region of Romania where he was born and where he lives.

Dorin, Bukovina is one of the most beautiful regions in Romania and, from this perspective, is a wanted gem for many landscape photographers. Most of the areas are already known and heavily photographed, but your photo here is different by mood, light and composition. First of all, can you please tell us why do you photograph Bukovina in general and what is the story behind this photo?
Bukovina is indeed a very beautiful area, where the people living with the faith of God in their traditional households are very welcoming and hospitable! Since I was a child I wander the hills and the mountains around the village where I was born (Molid, Vama), and I kept this habit until nowadays. Most of my photo trips are in the places of Bukovina I know very well. It's been more than 5 years since I started photographing and the big challenge for me in the landscape photography area was from the beginning to find special compositions, never captured before. I love to shoot Bukovina and his people because I love to show the world these beauties around me! This photo was taken in a location I know since a very long time, close to my house. Going almost daily to this location I got to know very well the life and the daily schedule of the people there, most of them livestock farmers, and this was very helpful for me.

How did you identify this amazing location and what made you so drawn in shooting this amazing autumn scenery at sunrise?
I know about this special place since I was a little child. The first sunrise I photographed with my camera was, of course, in this special place. So, I revisited it many times because I feel that something magic happens here all the time. It was a dreamlike morning and I remember how happy I was to be able to show this magic to others through my photographs! I repeatedly captured this composition with the sheep for about five days in a row until I was lucky enough to catch a misty sunrise, with an excellent light and fairy tale atmosphere...

Can you explain something more about your workflow and technique you used to shoot this amazing drone photo?
As I said before, for this photo I practiced the composition for a few days in a row. The perspective from the drone is something else, more special, it gives you the possibility to make spectacular images, but you need a little patience and time to explore the places. And when nature starts its show if you are on the right position you know exactly what needs to be done in order to capture remarkable images! I use DJI Mavic Pro II and I always shoot raw format. I also added some basic Photoshop processing for this photo.

And last, but not the least: can you reveal us what was going through your mind in front of such surreal beauty?
The answer is very simple: every time I go out in nature in Bukovina or in other regions, I wonder what a beautiful country we have!

Thank you so much, Dorin!
Good light!

Nice shot for a drone! Nice job!
Thanks Dorin and Yvette for the article. As a Drone fan, I do appreciate a lot the artistic side of this great landscape view from above at that almost mystic light. Great work !
Thanks a lot, Marc!