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Walk on the Beach

by Editor Miro Susta 

For holidaymakers the beach is above all a place of relaxation. For photographers, however, the beach is a microcosm that has a lot to offer to the wary eye.

'Kings on The Beach' by Mark Roberts

The vastness of the horizon or coastline, deserted beaches, sandy beaches, grasses, blue sea and beach dwellers: these are the moments most beach lovers want to capture and take home with them.

'Meeting Namib' by Roberto Sysa Moiola

But how? Because capturing an exciting photo in hard light and a flat landscape is not so easy. In this article I try to present you photo ideas from 1x-gallery for 'beach day'.

Lonely beaches
Lonely sea- & ocean- beaches are for many people the epitome of a beautiful holiday, they are subjects in themselves. It is often easy to idealize them as a perfect mixture of ideal relaxing place, white sand, clear blue sea and sky and fabulous sea-ocean view.

Obviously, not all beaches are like this, but the best are firmly on the tourist map, whether in the South Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Atlantic or one of miscellaneous islands distributed around the globe.

'A night in June' by Niels Christian Wulff


'Where the Ocean Ends...' by Andreas Feldtkeller


'The tree' by Mel Brackstone


'The deserted beach… almost…' by Gilbert Claes


Mother Natures Revenge' by Mel Brackstone


'A quiet spot by the sea, just to ‘be’…' by Yvette Depaepe

Crowded beaches
Super weather and full beaches, today's reality at many locations worldwide. One prefers it the other hates it, eternal holiday problem.

'L ‘Alveare' by Massimo Della Latta


'Atrani beach – Italy' by Arnon Orbach

Beach the living workplace
On many beaches you can experience the work of the fishermen up close and watch them go ashore, sort the catch of the day and clean it.

'Big catch' by Miro Susta


'Fisher10' by majid alamri

The Chinese nets used on Kerala beaches, for instance, make wonderful, sail-sized shapes.

'Sunset over Chinese Fishing Nets' by Miro Susta


'Grass-man and the horse-man' by Sebastian Kisworo

Beach dwellers
Areas around seashore are favoured by colonies of sea birds and other water animals, who chose this kind of site for breeding, living and protection.

'*My* Beach' by Dennis Hansen


'gotcha' by Udo Dittmann


'Birds birds' by Liesbeth van der Werf


'Seaside mood' by Yvette Depaepe

Icy beaches
Mecca for lovers of unusual beaches are the icy cold beaches which can be found in extreme north and south regions.

'Facing the frozen North Atlantic' by Yvette Depaepe


'Ice Wonderland' by Larry Deng

Relax on the beach
You're at a beautiful beach, walking barefoot over warm sand. The sea is not quiet, it roars gently. Your breath is very calm and even.

The seawater is clear. You can look down to the bottom. Stones and shells in various colours and shapes lie there. Look at all in peace. Stay calm with your eyes.

'hi summer!' by ambra


'On the Beach' by Miro Susta


'Sun-bay watch' by Ben Goossens


'Beach party' by Marcel van Balken

Beach photo art
Discover a beautiful beach art photos here.

'Refuge à la mer' by Ben Goossens


'The quiet hours' by Carmine Chiriaco’


'Sleeping on the beach' by Irina Kuznetsova (Iridi)


'Liz' by JAE


'Beautiful Pinnacles' by Miro Susta

Although the many sea & oceans may seem to be lacking the wealth of features that we are used to from landscapes, with their shorelines and beaches it offers a surprisingly rich variety of imagery.

'Sugar Loaf Islands' by Dean Mullin

Most of the views of the sea and its beaches come from the coast, and from here there is incredible variety. There are rocky coasts and beaches, cliffs and sandy beaches.

All these elements can be integrated to the marine and beach photography by choosing the perfect vantage point. And the other important addition to the cost or the beach are the beach dwellers and the people who either relax or work there.

At the end I would like to thank all the selected photographers for these most beautiful photos.
[email protected]



Grazie e complimenti a tutti.
Grazie Massimo.
Many thanks.
Thank you for featuring my photo in this article.
You are most welcome Sebastian.
Thanks so much Miro, beautiful choice! congrats to all. Thanks dear Yvette
Thanks, dear Larry!
many thanks to Yvette and Miro
You're welcome, dear friend!
Hi Miro and Yvette, It's nice to see all these beautiful pictures during these dark and cold days, at least here in Europe ... A reflection of the past summer vacations ... This is obviously not the case in other parts of the world ... Thank you wholeheartedly for the publication and research work ... many warm greetings...
Thanks Gil... All honour goes to Miro and to the authors ;-)
Many thanks for your very nice words Gilbert. I appreciate it very much.
thanks so much Miro, beautiful choice! congrats to all. Thanks Yvette
No thanks, Carmine... Just publishing the article ;-)
You are most welcome Carmine., thank you for your appreciations.
Beaches and shores are indeed an endless source of inspiration, Miro! Fine collection of images, my friend. Thanks for this article and many congratulations to the authors of the selected images. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks Yvette.