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Can 'Love' be photographed ?

by Editor Thomas Thomopoulos

Who doesn't love 'love'?
Nobody can miss it...
Love, love and  more LOVE.

'… hope it last long !' by Ben Goossens

Even if photography was invented, photographing love is above all: a heart.
A simple heart that we like to see everywhere.
Since ages, this symbol has been used to illustrate, among other things, the centre of our emotional activity.

'love is in the air' by Annemieke Stuij


'Love cherries' by olimage


'Natural heart' by Lotte Gronkjaer


'Lovers' by fproject – Przemyslaw Kruk

We are not going to open a human being's body, extract the heart and take a picture of it, fortunately.  Instead, we're going to draw a heart and take a picture of it.

'Lovesick' by Samantha Tran


'dance me to the end of love' by moshe nachumovich


'LOVE' by Bella von Einsiedel

If we're talking about photography and love, we're also talking about kissing.
Isn't love above all a relationship, a couple, a bond between at least two people, endowed with sensitivity.

Through photography, love acquired a special place. In particular because it embodies the kiss.  A moment that was hidden from all eyes and which is now open to the public.

The photographer walks around and as soon as he sees an expression of love, he captures it to steal people's privacy and expose their private lives in the name of love.


'Love' by Armonti Mardoyan


'Love' by Jure Kravanja


'LOVE' by Ricky Siegers

A kiss has no age ...


'Brothers love' by Tatyana Tomsickova

The umbrella accentuates the intimacy of the kiss, as if you needed to hide from prying eyes to kiss the person you love.
Yes, because to kiss is to embrace life and let your heart appear in the eyes of the world and expose your love.

'The first kiss.' by Antonio Grambone


'encounters' by Matthias Leberle


'Lovers in the rain' by Ian RP

Love has no boundaries. It has no rules and this lack of rules destabilizes.
One can love everything and for example, beauty is not an obstacle, but above all one can love without being loved.


'Love is' by Mel Brackstone


'to love is to forgive' by Martin Strauss


'Love' by Stefan Eisele


'till the last moment' by oÄŸuz ipçi


'Life Sucks' by Peter Davidson

To love is also to go beyond what is human.
We can see love among other species.


'Friends' by Greg Barsh

Photography also exposes a sharing of affection between two beings who do not belong to the same species.  It's a testimony to our love for life.

'Love friend' by sarawut intarob


'Peaceful' by Fahmi Bhs


'Pure love' by Iacob Anca'

Sometimes we stage love. Is this the best picture of love?
Let's imagine love, stage it, script it and have fun using things that in reality don't like each other.

'The Babysitter' by Ellen van Deelen


'Cruel love' by Victoria Ivanova

Photography likes to show the love we have for our children, our descendants, the ones who will succeed our own life.


'communication' by Christoph Hessel


'Mothers protection' by Tatyana Tomsickova


'All we need is love' by Niclas Berglund

Photography has democratized the image and exposure of couples which has allowed strangers to testify to history their love and their heart stories.
Now, everyone can memorialise memories of couples who loved each other facing eternity.

So can we photograph love?
Yes, not only by photographing it in all its forms, but also to immortalize it?
Undoubtedly the best gift that photography ever gave us.


'Living Memories' by Nadav Dov Boretzki


Marvellous images, congrats to all !!!
Thank you Thierry :)
What a beautiful and lovely article and amazing selection of photos.. Congratulations to all!!
Thank you Orkidea :)
Thank you so much for adding my photo for your wonderful article!
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Excellent choice!!! Congrats to all
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Such a lovely feature. Wonderful article and such great images. Thank you ... also for including one of mine :-)
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Wonderful serial images and choice, there is never enough love in this world ... Thank you, Thomas and Yvette ... Congrats to all the photographers!!
So true, Jacob! NEVER enough LOVE in this world ;-)
Thomas, thanks a lot for this article full of 'love' ;-) Congratulations to all the authors of the selected images proving that LOVE can be photographed in so many ways. I wish you all a 'lovely' weekend ahead. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks Yvette and congratulations to all the authors of the selected images :)
great pics ! congrats !
;-) Thanks Eddy!
All merits go to Editor Thomas Thomopoulos and to the selected photographers of course!