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Smiles are everywhere...

by Editor Thomas Thomopoulos 

We love to see smiles everywhere.  We see them on people's faces.  We see them in our dreams.
We draw them, we paint them, we write about them.
But above all and especially since the invention of photography, we love to fix them in time.
From analogue to digital photography, smiling has become a daily reality, a real communication tool.

'Caught in a moment of absence...' by Peter Müller Photography


'Play that accordion, boss!' by Marius Tudor


'Flying on the Rooftops' by NJ Sabs

We like smiles so much that we even detect imagine them on animals or on objects, sometimes for real and sometimes we bring objects alive thanks to our software and digital technology.

'THE MIRROR IMAGE' by Antje Wenner


'The sweet smile...' by Nuelle Flipse


'The Flute Master' by Pedro Jarque Krebs


'smile' by shikhei goh


'Life is good' by Sergey Kokinskiy


'Smile' by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp


'Don't worry, be happy!' by Tatiana Gorilovsky


'Smile' by Wendy

The daguerreotype exposure time around 1840 was several minutes (first photographic process used commercially discovered by Louis Daguerre in 1835), which did make it difficult to take candid shots from a person's smile…

'Bianca's joy' by Roswitha Schleicher-Schwarz

But mores have also evolved... Being serious is a thing of the past.  Now we all smile when we are photographed.  Has the evolution of photographic technology made it possible to capture a smile instantly and thus to widely spread joy and happiness on Earth ?

A smile is beautiful, it's joyful, it's happiness and even in the darkest images, we want to see it, to remember the instant of happiness.
A smile can appear individually or in groups. It is very communicative.
A smile can be pronounced or subtle. One can smile with the lips or with the teeth.
A smile can be beautiful but sometimes weird too.

Most of the time we love to see a smile on a woman or a child's face, probably because it is aesthetic and soft.


'Feelin Good' by Jake Olson


'Apple season' by Tatyana Tomsickova


'Smile!' by Lisa Holloway


'Make a Wish...' by Svetlana Bekyarova


'Smile....' by Svetlana Melik-Nubarova


'You' by Björn Folkstedt


'ME and My Expectations' by Bobby Kostadinov


'no title' by Vlado Veverka

Yet even a smile can be scary and weird, but in the end, we have a smile.
A smile is not any longer limited to aesthetics.
It is undoubtedly universal, whether it is beautiful or weird and it always remains the expression of a feeling.

n/t by Tatsuo Suzuki


n/t by Tatsuo Suzuki


'through generations' by oÄŸuz ipçi

Smiles also has become a testimony of Humanity: people, geography, history, location and that awakens in us our sense of exploration.

'Happy eyes' by Veli Aydogdu


'Happy morning' by Mohammadreza Momeni


'Smile of an Indian female worker' by Robert


'Smiles Behind the Shadows' by Paul Quiambao


'The world in his eyes' by Marco Campi

A smile on an image makes us react and doesn't leave nobody indifferent.
It appeals to look at it, to be admired and if possible, even to be shared.

'Happiness' by Dilek Yurdakul Uyar

And one more irresistable image ...
Up to you to choose the most communicative and favourite smile!

'Moods' by Tatyana Tomsickova

 Say cheese and click :-)


So good selection!
Thank you Jorge :)
Beautiful selection of wonderful images Thomas well put together...First Class. I was starting to wonder where all the happy images went.....
Thank you Daniel :)
Love this! It makes me smile. So much positive energy! We all need it! Thank you for sharing this!!
Thank you Nuelle :)
Very good selection! A big smile to every photo!
Thank you Margit :)
A great selection Congrats
Thank you gNo :)
Thank you Dorothea :)
This selection made me happy... smiles are so strong... thanks!
Thank you Wicherbos :)
Lovely selection :-))
Thank you Luc :)
Thank you Massimo :)
Make me happy and make me smile. :-) Very nice post.
Thank you Leif :)
Superb selection Thomas !!!
Thank you Hajime :)
Hi Thomas, thanks a lot for all those beautiful smiles. Great job and fine selection... Have a great weekend ahead! Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks Yvette :)
just Wonderfull pictures ... :-)
Thank you Anna :)