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The genuine happiness of children all around the world.

by Yvette Depaepe 

Summer holidays are running to their end and September is knocking on our door.
In many ways, it feels like the busiest time of the year.
Work piles up after the summer and the kids go back to schooL
Time to wake them up early in the morning, bring them to daycare or to school before going to work.

To make it all a little easier, I like to share this list of photos straight out of childhood's happiness.  

Nothing is more precious in life than happy children.
Their uncontrollable laughter, their smiling faces, their sheer joy of the moment are truly infectious, and we cannot help but giggle and smile right along with them. Isn’t that just the best feeling.

Each of these 1x photographers found a perfect way to freeze those wonderful moments in time so we can hear and see and experience the genuine happiness that is so unique to children all around the world.

I must forewarn you, though: This kind of happiness is extremely contagious, and after spinning through these images, you too will be smiling – big. Really big!

I wish you all a great month of September!

'Kids' by Menachem Sinai


'Smiling souls' by Marco Tagliarino


'A BUNCH OF JOY' by m.j. Arcanjo


'Evacuee Triplets' by KT Allen


'Space wagon' by Marc Apers


'catch me if you can' by Magda Berny


'Windy fairy tales' by Svetlana Bekyarova


'Simba' by Shlomy Evron


'First steps' by Peter Meciar


'Brothers love' by Tatyana Tomsickova


'Winter Portrait' by Bess Hamiti


'Just a loop slide' by John Wilhelm


'Gotcha...' by Adrian Sommeling


'Buddies' by Gloria Salgado Gispert


'Happiness' by Dilek Yurdakul Uyar


'Joy of Childhood' by Avishek Das


'my mom's music' by ibrahim canakci


'a babies laughter' by Christoph Hessel


'Bursting with youthful energy' by Yvette Depaepe


'The Big Trick' by Andre du Plessis ARPS


'Smile!' by Lisa Holloway


'All beginnings are difficult' by John Wilhelm


'I'm not Funny!' by Anita Meezen


'Wooow!!!' by pink sword


'Just Hanging Around' by DA


'Soft Kitty' by Suzy Mead


'Johnathan' by Zachar Rise


'Happy in the Mud' by Alamsyah Rauf


'UnderWATER fun...' by Yvette Depaepe


Thank u Curator :)
I am pleasant to see it! Superb !
My pleasure, dear Leah! Have a great weekend ahead, my friend!
Thanks to the authors and special thanks to Yvette for great selection of photos. ! :)
Thanks, Vlad... this selection made me smile and laugh all the way! Big thanks to all the authors ;-)