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Wil Mijer: Photographer of the week


by Yvette Depaepe 

Wil Mijer loves to photograph everything small.  Through her macro photography she tries to make a little dream of every picture she takes.  For her, sharing her creations is sharing the small world around us. Let's take a little journey into Wil's wonderful world...


'Little secret'

Hi Will, please briefly tell us some more about yourself.
I'm living in Zeewolde in the Netherlands. Zeewolde is built on a drained part of our country, under the sea level. You nearly can say that I’m living on the bottom of the sea.:)

What brought you to photography?
I followed a study as Botanic analyst. It was then that my love for all small things began.  It is so amazing to see that every creature is made up from small cells.

I became fascinated by all living SMALL creatures as wild flowers, insects –  especially butterflies –  and everything small to do find in nature.

'Nothing else matters...'




'Creation of new life'



Twelve years ago, I started to take pictures.  My first camera was a Panasonic Lumix. My enthusiasm for macrophotography was awakened and didn't stop till today.

After a short time, I bought a Canon 40D and Canon 100mm macro.

Since than, what started as a hobby became my biggest passion.




What gear do you use?
At this moment I work with a Canon 6D and I love to use the Tamron SP 90mm macro lens.  This lens is just perfect for me because it’s water and dirt repellent. Sometimes I work with a Manfrotto tripod, but most of time I lie in the mud or wet grass ;-)

Can you tell us something about your workflow and the post-processing of your images?
When I come home after taking pictures in nature, I love to make a little fairy tale of each one.

I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, Plug-in filters like NIK and Alienskin.

'Perfect dream'


'One thread'



Who is your favourite photographer which inspired you the most?
The work of Polish Photographer Magdalena Wasiczek inspired me a lot, especially in the beginning. I admire her for her exceptional use of colours and for her special processing techniques.  Follow this link to see by yourself.

Do you have some projects in mind for the future, Wil?
A few years ago,  my work became better known because of my pictures of little tree-frogs.

'Leap of faith'


'The Wave'





Nowadays you can find me on places in nature, where I can find special species of butterflies.



'Woven wings'

With my photos I would like to show how special the small world is.
  Many of us simply pass by.
Everything is made so perfectly beautiful !!!



Thank you all very much ! I'm very proud to be Photographer of the week. I'm so glad with the wonderful comments and compliments. Thank you :-)))
Huge congratulations Wil ! Always such amazing macro work, am consistently blown away by your images. Thank you Yvette for the feature.
Magnifique macro, très beau travail, félicitations Wil et merci Yvette pour l'interview.
Congratulations, dear Wil, your work is amazing. You show us the wonderful small world in a beautiful and emotive way.
Excellent images, love it +++
wow congratulations will,kamu hebat.
Elke keer geniet ik van je prachtige foto's Wil! Ze zijn zeer speciaal en dragen jou specifieke handdruk. Je bent terecht in het zonnetje gezet als 'fotograaf van de week' . Gefeliciteerd! Ik hoop nog veel van je werk tegen te komen.
Gefeliciteerd Wil! Helemaal terecht dat jij fotograaf bent geworden van deze week. Je fotowerk is sprookjesachtig mooi!
Stunning macro work, magnificent image, congrats dear Wil !!!
Prachtige publicatie en mooi artikel.! Gefeliciteerd.
Ja, ik ben fan van je macro's Wil: maar dat weet je! We zijn een paar keer met je in het veld geweest 's-morgens vroeg: geweldig om je aan het werk te zien dan, wat een enthousiasme! En dat dat enthousiasme zich dan vertaalt in uitmuntende macrofoto's: dat is een gave! Een welverdiende fotograaf van de week: gefeliciteerd Wil!
Gefeliciteerd Wil met dit interview, jouw macro wereldjes zijn als een sprookje!
Een dik verdiende publicatie, met een mooi verslag en schitterende afbeeldingen, dank je, Yvette en Wil!!
Graag gedaan, Jacob! Wil's werk is zo knap!
Dikke proficiat met dit welverdiend interview, Wil! Oneindig knap macro werk... Bedankt om ons mee te laten genieten van alle prachtige kleine dingen moeilijk te ontwaren met het blote oog. Cheers, Yvette
Oh wat leuk, jij als 'fotographer of the week'. Proficiat! Het is een mooi artikel met evenzo mooie beelden. Geniet van de plaatsing! xxx
Très, très beau ...!