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Meet-up Bruges: always a treat when 1x Photographers meet each other...

by Yvette Depaepe 

An undeniable and absolute added value of 1x  is the personal contact with other members.  The main reason of the 1x meet-ups is to have the opportunity to meet each other for real.

In spite of being a smaller group than usual, we had lots of fun and new friendships were born. The picture below only shows a few of the participants.

It all started on Friday evening with the early birds dinner near to our meeting point: Concertgebouw Brugge.

'Detail Concertgebouw' taken by Marc Apers

Some more participants joined us on Saturday morning.
First we visited the oldest brewery of Bruges which became even more famous since a 3km long pipeline was installed under the city 3 years ago to transport the beer to the bottle factory.  

After regaling ourselves with a delicious beer called 'Brugse Zot' (the fool of Bruges), we started our trip through the city, visiting beautiful places which are not the ones crowded with tourists ;-)  The weather was fine, warm and sunny and once in a while we had to quench our thirsty throats.  Time for quality talks and lots of laughter.

I would like to mention that the participant who has been a member of 1x for the longest time was Christian Marcel.  He came all along from the South of France to Bruges with his spouse.  A charming couple, Bruges and our company have stolen their hearts.

'Christian Marcel and his spouse' taken by Marc Apers 

Here are some images from Bruges taken during this lovely day.

 by Edith Hoffman



'Bow-Window' by Jean-Marc Aloy

On Sunday more participants joined the group and we all went to Ostend near to the old fishmine.  But this time the weather gods were not good minded.  A dull day with regular showers, although it didn't affect our mood.

by Yvette Depaepe 

We enjoyed a fine lunch in the beach house, sitting in the huge covered porch with view on the sea before taking some architecture pictures in between the showers, trying to find adequate shelters on our way ;-)

Our model of the day: Edith Hoffmann taken by Marc Apers 

Lovely Linda Wride (UK) in a shelter looking to her shots by Yvette Depaepe 

Finally we decided to take the Ferry to the city center hoping to escape from more showers.

'Bikers taking the ferry' by Marc Apers 

It didn't work out as we wished.  Wet and cold, our good mood couldn't be broken by some rain but we had to take several warm drinks and fine belgian beers to stay warm before taken the ferry to go back. 

All by all, a great meet-up and everybody went home happy and satisfied.

I would love to organize another 1x meet-up in September 2020 in De Panne (on the coastal border with Normandia (France).  But this time it will be announced 6 months on the forehand to give the opportunity to more members to subscribe.

Good light to all of you,


Thanks, dear Judy!
Oh wow, something to consider seriously, Thierry ;-) ... I'll mail you about this!!! We talked about you during our meet-up. (Christian knows you!). You're full of talent. Hugs, Yvette
OK! no problems, with pleasure
it is a pity that we were not with you...
May be next time!!! ;-)
Wonderful places, good Friends and beautiful photos! Thanks Yvette for Great Presentation!!
Thanks a lot, dear Ustina! Warm greetings from us all ;-)
May be the next meet-up, Nic! Thanks for passing by and reading about this fantastic weekend ;-)
Perfect and well-organized event dear Yvette. I wish I were there. good luck my dear friend.
Thanks dear Bob! Meet-ups are so great. Who knows, may be you will join us one day too in te future ;-)
Thanks to orginize this marvelous event Yvette. It was a great experience to meet other soulmates in photography. Unfortunately I could only come on Sunday. Despite the bad weather it was a very nice experience. Hope to see you all in the future.
Thank you so much, Marc! Great that you were there. Better just for one day than not at all. I enjoyed our little company a lot... Glad you all did too!
Un grand merci Yvette, une rencontre inoubliable, tout à ton honneur pour l'organisation et ton dévouement, je soutien ce que d'autres ont dit, tu es l'âme de 1X ;-)
Quel compliment, Christian! Tu me fais rougir. Formidable de vous avoir rencontrer et superbe départ pour forger notre amitié. Bisous, Yvette
C’était très très bien ...!
Merci, Jean-Marc! Et respect pour ton courage ;-) Bisous, Yvette xx
Many thanks Yvette for organising the meet up and your hospitality. We had a great time together and laughed a lot. As Linda already said it's indeed a pleasure to say hi to old friends, make new friends and put faces to names! See you all soon again in the near future. Love and hugs, Edith xxx
I enjoyed as much as you all did, Edith! So glad we became closer ;-)
Yes, indeed Yvette and you are always welcome in Dordrecht too :-)
It was certainly a fantastic meeting to celebrate photography ans friendship. My best regards to all participants and a special one to Yvette who turned this event possible!
Thanks you so much, Jorge! I was granted with lots of warm friendship during those 3 days. More than worth to organize it...
Excellent and great
;-) thanks Hadi!
How great !!! Thanks for sharing !
Yep, it was great, Olga! Thanks for your enthusiastic comment ;-)
Glad to be there again, it has been a fantastic weekend.
Thanks Marc, also for your help and support ;-)
Hi Yvette, thank you for the wonderful organisation ... it was a great opportunity to meet friends ... and talk, talk, talk .... and take some photos:-)
You make me smile, Luc. The 1x meet-ups are all about meeting and learning to know each other ... and talk, talk, talk as you say. Taking pictures always comes on the second place ;-) So great to have you with us!
Really a great meeting of talented artists, I recognized some of you instantly like Marc, Yvette, Linda, nothing more valuable than good friends
That is so true, Ahmed! Meeting for real our 1x friends is such a treat. Thanks for passing by, dear friend and reading this short report of a great weekend ;-)
Great story, thanks for sharing it, dear Yvette! I am truly sorry for having not been able to join you this time...Cheers, Adrian
Hi Adrian, I'm sure you had good reasons not to be there. Anyway, we missed you, my friend. Cheers, Yvette
What a pity I was not able to join you. May be next time. Thanks for publishing the report Yvette. Greetings Miro.
Dear Miro, hope you will part of the next one. Would be great to meet you!
Many thanks to Yvette for organising the meet up. It really is a pleasure to say hi to old friends, make new friends and put faces to names! Being from the UK, I’m used to rain -and the weather doesn’t matter when you are in good company, sitting together eating, drinking and laughing :) Warm wishes to all x
You nailed the fantastic mood of our meet-up (and all the meet-ups from the past) in a few words, Linda! It was so nice to see you again sweet lady ;-) Up to the next one in September 2020 with more new faces, I hope. Hugs, Yvette
Thanks for reading, Mikhail! 1x meet-ups are so great!!! Cheers, Yvette
Double pleasure to me to post this short report of our weekend together. Feels like re-living everything again ;-) Thanks for your presence and participation. Cheers, Yvette
Thanks for reading the report of our 1x meet-up, Massimo! It was great like always ;-) Warm greetz, Yvette
Averlo saputo....ciao Yvette