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by Editor Wicher Bos 

Recently we visited a museum where a work of art by Jeroen Eisinga (1966) was displayed.
A short movie where he is fully covered by honeybees. (It is called “Springtime.”)
As a explanation the museum said: “Eisinga seeks the point at which looking becomes uncomfortable, draws you out of your comfortable role as an observer, and you are involuntary confronted with all kinds of sensory and ethical dilemmas.”

I wondered if there are images that would make me uncomfortable or even scared on 1x?
So, not just images that depict fear but make you experience and feel it. I know, this will be very personal.


'fixed gaze' by Fulvio Pellegrini

I might have Arachnophobia or any other phobia that you may laugh about, yet… having said that I want to share some photo’s that made me feel (a bit) uncomfortable…
In a later article I plan to connect both the pleasing and uncomfortable images…

Where fear is a key word


'Paranoia' by Samanta Krivec


'Pork Chops' by Sam Fagan


'Fear' by Martin Marcisovsky


'Fear in the air' by Darkfish


'Confronting evil' by Arild Iversen


Where scared is a key word


'Lost Soul' by Sebastien DEL GROSSO


'Reclusion' by Nihil


'Kudu jump' by Thomas Andersson


'Scared' by Milan Vopalensky


Where death is a key word


'Ophelia' by Dorota Gorecka


'The silence comes suddenly' by Natalia Drepina


'crossflow' by Piet Flour


'Death in the Desert' by Mohammad Monsef Mojarad


Where pain is a key word


'The harsh and unpleasant truth' by Linus Karlsson


'Pain No More' by Oren Hayman


'Pain' by Ralf Mack


'painfull...' by Christopher Stanczyk


'Pain @ Tattoo Studio' by Sumer Calbas


'Pain and endurance' by Mohammad Sorkhabi


and what about this one?
Can't you almost feel the pain it must bring should this be real?


'Finger nails' by AimishBoy


txules PRO
outstanding galley, congrats
Interesting, well presented and a great seletion of images! Nice one :)