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Sleeping Beauties

by Editor Miro Susta

What is beauty? What does beauty mean in photography? The Japanese writer Tanizaki Jun’ichirō said: “What is called beautiful is usually the result of the practice of daily life”.

“Snow white” by Heru Sulistyono

One thing is clear: people want to be beautiful, as in the rest of the animal kingdom, nature has arranged for "beautiful" representatives of the species to be preferred when choosing a partner.

Red Fox probably dreaming of uncount…” by Roeselien Raimond

So we come back to the question “what is the meaning of “BEAUTY” in photography?”. For example viewer comments on a photographer's picture as a beautiful picture, the photographer understands the comment in a positive sense.
He feels beautiful as positively harmless and the viewer’s comment can be extended later if necessary.


In this way the viewer marks his interest in talking to the photographer. From his point of view this is a suitable beginning of communication. What follows is eloquent silence.

For many photographers, however, BEAUTIFUL is a spongy phrase, appearing superficial and thus a suspicious category.

The aesthetic judgement about beauty has its subjective origin in the viewer comment, because there is no personal interest in beauty but it claims that the beauty to be generally valid.

The viewer assumes that he shares his feelings with all other people as beings of reason and senses. Beauty thus raises the claim of subjective generality.


The aim of this article is to present beauty in a selected theme, the Sleeping Beauties, which in my opinion could be important for photography and which could be the source material from which the photographer compiles his individual recipe for beauty.


This individual aspect always becomes apparent when discussions fail due to undivided basic prerequisites. So readers/viewers will discover nothing new, but they most probably will enjoy it.

Photography is a way of looking at the specific subject, looking at the person, looking at the nature, looking at the landscape or looking at the world differently.


Each photographer has a visual and emotional point of view, just as we have an intellectual point of view, in other words what the photographer call beautiful, the viewer may find it just average.

We can find woman, bird, animal, flower, tree, vehicle or even any architectural structure beautiful, diverse and taxing, however I wish to state that people and wildlife are belonging to the most rewarding areas of beauty photography.

But do not forget that while capturing people and/or wildlife photos the sensitivity is key; to spot the subject, make your approach, choose your moment.


To capture people and wildlife is as much about psychology as technical ability. The action of raising camera instantly alerts the intended to the presence of the photographer. Is it easier to catch them in the sleep? Yes or not? But this is not the subject of this article.


“Sleeping Beauty” by Marsel van Oosten

Just enjoy viewing the “Sleeping Beauties” from the 1x gallery. Many thanks to all authors for their contribution.

Let start with the beautiful colourful images. I am sure that all of us are aware that colours are very important in beauty photography, they draw the viewers’ eyes nicely into the scene. Here few examples.

“Sleeping beauty” by Tomas Paule

“digital Renaissance” by Kalynsky


“Natalie” by Zachar Rise


“Cradle” by Åukasz KozÅ‚owski

The art of black and white photography is surprisingly difficult to master, and it takes some effort to get it right.  But if we manage it, black and white photographs may be beautiful, very often even beating the colour ones.


“Dream” by Arkadiusz Branicky


“whispering on the river” by Bruno Birkhofer


“Sleeping beauty” by Fabrizio Micheli


“Bed stories” by Boris Bugaev


“Diagonal” by Fabrizio Micheli

I hope that wildlife photography will encourage more people to preserve that beauty for posterity. Here some beautiful examples of sleeping wildlife beauty.

“Sleeping Beauty” by Marco Pozzi

“Tenderness” by Giuseppe D\\\Amico


“Mother’s Love” by Jacky Parker


“It’s been a hard day’s night” by Vadim Balakin


“Untitled” by Olga Barantseva

Following some creative inspirations for “Sleeping beauties” photographs.

Sleeping on the beach” by Irina Kuznetsova (Iridi)


“forbidden dreams” by Olga Mest


“Dreams” by Evgeny Loza



“untitled” by Elena Karagyzova

Or just sleeping beauty in portrait photography, how do you like it?


“Sleeping with the past” by Shazeen Samad

Nothing new you will discover here, I had promised and I think I have kept my promise so ar.  
Nevertheless, all the photos are beautiful and worthwhile to view.

"Laying on the grass" by  WL Slueter

Beauty is not an ideal, not a wishful thinking and not a utopia. Beauty is greatness, courage and self-confidence.

I hope that the readers will be inspired by this article in their future photo work.
'Sleeping beauties' also is the next theme in the 1x contests.

I wish all of you a very good luck and much success.

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Thanks so much!
You are most welcome Giuseppe.
thank you very much dear Yvette and Miro for choosing one of my pictures! regards marco
Marco you are most welcome and thank you for your excellent sleeping Lyon photo.
Congratulations to all the authors and thanks to Miro for this fine article. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you Yvette.