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Results Contest: Blue

Blue is the favourite colour of many people. It is nature's colour for water and sky. It also is the colour of trust, peace, order and loyalty. But feeling "blue" is an example of the complexity of colour symbolism.
Enjoy this gallery of blue beauties ...

The winners with the most votes are: 

1st place:  Uschi Hermann
2nd place: Fernando Alves
3rd place: Igor Kemet

Congratulations and thanks to all the participants of the contest 'Blue".

  is the currently running theme.
Photographing frogs is fun and awarding because of their big eyes and also because they are very important for the ecosystem. However it can be frustrating to attempt photographing them because they often jump for the safety of the water before you even saw them ! Patience is the key element here. The name of the game is to approach slowly and keep a low profile.

The contest 'Frogs' will end at midnight on Sunday the 28th of April 2019.  The sooner you upload your image, the more chance you have to gather the most votes.

If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it  here.


1st place: Uschi Hermann


2nd place: Fernando Alves


3rd place: Igor Kemet



by F. Dilek Uyar


by Peet van den Berg


by Heidi Westum


by Piet Haaksma


by Philippe Mattos


by Tamara Brnelić


by MJoão Ferreira


Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions. Beautiful images, thanks a lot for your participation. Cheers, Yvette
Dear Yvette! You have already reminded us that the choice of winners is determined by the voting of the members. But each of us has its own separate opinion, often not coinciding with the majority. In this case, you made your choice, which I welcome. :) Congratulations to all participants and winners. Thanks a lot Ivette!
Thanks, Vlad... We decided to use a random image for the cover (only 1 day)? Nevertheless, the winner got his image on the thumbnail of the article (and that stays forever in the archives of the magazine). Fair decision, I think ;-)
You are again right, dear Yvette. You are in your place, you are working wonderfully and I will always support you with all my might. But this was not always the case. However, all this was a long time ago and not true:) ...
I meant that before I did not always support you. In vain. :))
Stunning works. Congratulations to all!
Thanks for your appreciation, David!