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The poetry of simplicity

by Editor Wicher Bos


“Over There, It's Raining” by Fernando Correia da Silva

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 
~Clare Boothe Luce~

“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.”
~Lin Yutang ~ (The Importance of LIving)

These quotes really apply to photography as well in full. Like poets can say so much with just few words only, so can an excellent photographer with just few pictorial elements. The phrase “knowing what to leave out” is often used as a to guide for a powerful image.

At the heart of photography is the idea that you are conveying a message to your viewers. Perhaps you want to show the beauty of a waterfall or the drama of an incredible sunrise. Or, you may hope to depict the dark intensity of a jagged mountain peak. A photograph with a clear message can be as effective as possible; its composition, colors, subject matter, and lighting all add to the impression that you are trying to convey.

And, more than any other element of composition, the concept of simplicity helps you achieve this goal.

Enjoy my selection of  1x images to illustrate this wisdom…


“Racetrack” by Annie Poreider

“Horses b&w” by Michel Romaggi


“Tree svans” by Viggo Johansen


“Apples” by Christophe Verot


“Talk to me” by margit lisa roeder


“put” by bonifasius wahyu adi (bnfwahy)


“the sweet caress of twilight” by Thierry Lagandré (Transgressed Light)


“Ben l'Oncle Soul” by Christophe


“Snow White” by Mato P.


“lute” by piXXelpark

“Forward” by Paulo Abrantes


“morning greeting” by Roswitha Schleicher-Schwarz


“Macha Contemplations #08” by Vladimir Kysela

“Family flamingos” by Natalia Baras


"Sunset” by Heidi Westum


"Golden sunrise” by Christian V. Cortsen


“Light after sunset” by Martina Stutz

“The spiral of life” by Ben Goossens


“Forever” by Monika Schwager


“communication” by Christoph Hessel


“Bond” by Antonio Grambone


"Peaceful” by Fahmi BHS

For closing, if you want to understand howsimplicity’ can turn into poetry, read this old verse by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886):

How happy is the little stone

That rambles in the road alone,
And doesn’t care about careers,
And exigencies never fears;
Whose coat of elemental brown
A passing universe put on;
And independent as the sun,
Associates or glows alone,
Fulfilling absolute decree
In casual simplicity.

I am sure somewhere in is the perfect image to match this poem, if you found it, let me know in the comments section please.

Happy photographing,

Excellent article, superb photos.
All, thx for the encouragement. Happy you liked this article. Will keep trying to deliver a few more :)
Superb work congrats!
I love this simplicity. Great photography. Thanks for this beautifull article Wicher.!
Many thanks to All Cheers ;)
Very nice article and selection of photographs
Famous article and very honored to be selected. Thanks a lot Wicher
Great article and artful curation. Congratulations to all of the authors! Greetings from San Francisco.
Hello, I am very honored to be part of the list of authors of the photos. I have some pictures in my portfolio concerning this article "The poetry of simplicity". Congratulations to the other authors and thanks for this article. Greetings
great article. so many thanks, i am truully honored. cheers
Very nice article, Wicher! Thanks... and congratulations to all the authors. Cheers, Yvette
Bellissime. Complimenti